My eyelids felt heavy as I opened them. I felt really drowsy, but at least I was warm. Looking around, I was really confused to see a hospital room around me. I wondered who was hurt. I looked around, panicked to see who would be in the hospital bed.

My eyes landed on Aderyn, only she wasn't in the bed. She was in a big, cushy arm chair. She was barefooted, wearing her owl pajamas again, with her knees tucked up under her chin as she lay sideways. Asleep. At the foot of the chair were a pair of fuzzy lime green slippers.

It was after I studied her a bit that I realized it was me who was in the bed. Then came the no duh.

Looking at the clock, I saw it was 7:38 in the morning. Saturday. The door creaked open and Xander's face poked through.

"You awake?" He came in, followed by Annie. "Dude you scared the living daylights out of us!"

He clambered onto the bed and started jumping on it, laughing. "Man, we were all scared stiff! Aderyn was freaking out and so was Annie! I stayed totally calm and took control of the situa-OW!"

Xander fell straight off the bed after the slipper made contact with his face.

"Shut your lying mouth and give the kid some peace will ya?!" Aderyn stood in full morning glory, a single slipper at her feet. "He's been sick all night so I don't need you jumping all over him! Out out out!!" She shooed them both out the door before retrieving her slipper and settling back into the arm chair.

"You hungry at all sweetie?" She asked me while pushing the bangs out of my face. I blinked a few times and worried that my cheeks had turned a little pink.

"Um, not really." I still felt a little confused. "What happened."

"When you didn't show up at the movie last night, Xander and I got worried so I came to check on you. I found you shivering under your covers and moaning. When I checked your forehead, it nearly gave me a first degree burn!"

"Am I in a hospital?"

"No, hospital wing. We aren't allowed to go off-campus unless it's a field trip."


She smiled at me and said, "You sure you're not hungry?"

"I'm sure I'm curious about why we're not allowed off-campus."

Something in Aderyn's happy expression went from real to a mask.

"I don't know, maybe so we don't get lost."

She was lying. The only part that ever shows through a mask is the eyes. They were sad, pained, as though she wanted to tell me the truth but she couldn't.

The End

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