Annie and Xander were on either side of me throughout the whole movie. I was glad I didn't have a blanket. Everybody was sleepy when the movie was over so I sent everyone off to bed. Jess rolled her eyes at me, and I glared at her.

"What happened to Joseph?" Xander asked sleepily.

"I'll check on him. You go to bed." He knodded then left. I wandered down the hall slowly. It was peaceful, the dark corridors becoming an eerily dark tunnel. I'd have to sketch that later.

Arriving at Joseph's door, I knocked softly. "Joseph?" I called. No answer. I knocked a little harder. Nothing. I tried the doorknob, but it was locked.

"Joseph, answer me or I'm coming in whether you want me to or not!" I warned. No answer again. "3.....2.....1! Here I come, ready or not!"


One thing you should probably know for this next part to make sense, is that I take self defense amongst other things such as fencing.

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I backed up a little and then kicked the door open. I walked in casually. "Joseph? Where are you?"

I went into his bedroom. He lay curled up under the covers. He was shaking and moaning.

"Joseph!" I yelled, then leaped to his side. My wrist was pressed against his forehead to discover it was piping hot. He was sweating, but he seemed cold. It was the worst fever I'd ever seen.

Flipping the blankets off, I picked up the scrawny little 13 year old and ran out into the corridor. I kicked the nurse's office open and rushed him in.

The nurse looked up in surprise. "Sweetie, what's wrong."

"It's Joseph. He's running a really high fever!"

"Bring him in here."

The End

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