I'd woken up that morning with the worst headache ever. My eyes hurt, my head hurt, my body felt like cement. Overall, I felt like crap. The day moved slowly. Lucky  for me, Aderyn had another spell of sitting in the dark. I put my head on the desk in the darkest corner. I almost slept. Aderyn seemed like she took greater care in pulling up the blinds because it didn't blind me when they came up and the clinking was a lot slower. Either that or I was insane.

After ballroom dance class crawled by with Aderyn doing one slow dance with me before plopping me on a bean bag in, once again, the darkest corner, she had swept off to dance with a depressed Xander. Every now and then, she would cast a worried glance my way.

Friday nights, we always were permitted to vote on a movie. This week, however, I was too tired. I went back to my dorm and curled up under my covers.


Why couldn't I get warm?

The End

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