I walked into math to find Joseph just sitting down at his desk, with a big purple mess on his face.  I saw the teacher look at Joseph, then Aderyn, then smiled.  I looked at Aderyn, saw that her hair was braided three times around her head and asked him,

"Paint day?"  he nodded.  He seemed half asleep.  "Tired?"  he nodded again.  "I slept like a baby."  I said.  Once again, he nodded.

"You wet your bed like a baby too."  he said, laughing.  I stared at him,

"I wet the bed?"  he nodded,

"or so Aderyn tells me."  I rolled my eyes,  Aderyn grinned, and Joseph laid his head on the desk.  I sighed.  Math.


Two Weeks Later...

Band.  It was good, but Marsha still wasn't there.  I hadn't seen her in over two weeks.  I decided to talk to Annie, which honestly, I rarely do.  I walked over to her,

"Hey.  Is Marsha okay, I haven't seen her in weeks!"  She turned towards me, and I saw that her eyes were red.  She shook her head.  I started freaking out.  "Where could she be.  Where could she be!  WHERE IS SHE!!!"  By the last sentence Joseph, Jess and Aderyn were all there.  Annie was sobbing again.  Jess was just like I don't care, I hardly know her. Joseph had no idea what was going on.  Annie and I were FREAKING out.  We were both screaming and pulling our hair out and stuff.  Aderyn was doing something, but I wasn't really paying attention, too lost in my misery.  Finally she screamed,

"SHUT UP!"  Annie and I quieted immediately, though she still had tears streaming down her face.  Jess had walked away, and Joseph was standing, unsure of where to go.  "Now, take some deep breaths."  Annie and I took a few shuddering breaths as Aderyn led us down the hall to our room, where we sat on the couch, me leaning into my sister, with Annie on the other side of her.  I now had silent tears streaming down my face that I was failing to hide.  When Aderyn was settled she said, "When did you see her last?"  Annie burst out crying again.

The End

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