After band was over I ran around the band room tidying things up.  After I was finished I headed to the locker room to change for PE.  I met Joseph there (strangely, he made it there before I did)  We didn't do much.  Ended up playing tag.  PE with one person was better than with yourself, but it still didn't work very well. 

After PE was over we changed back into our normal cloths, than headed to the Ballroom.  I chatted with him, but he seemed a little nervous.

"So, how long have you been here?"  he asked me.  I stared at him for a moment, not really knowing what to answer.

"For as long as I can remember," I finally replied.  The conversation was slow, with awkward silences.  Did Aderyn do something to him? I thought. 

We arrived at dance.  Joseph sat down on the steps, while Aderyn and I held a conversation, sitting in the exact center of the room. 

"Joseph seemed awkward and unsure when he was talking to me,"  I told Aderyn.  She stared at me the same way I had at Joseph, but she was lucky, the bell rang right then.  I stood up, like I do every day.  Turned around with my arms wide and said,

"MARSHA!"  I looked around, and couldn't see her.  Joseph went up to Aderyn and quietly asked her something, and then she grabbed him and started to Tango.  The music started about five seconds after that. Not knowing what to do, my shoulders slumped, and I shuffled to the steps and sat down.  This class was no fun without a partner!

The End

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