When Aderyn stole my flute and played a small part of "The Holly and the Ivy", I had a flash back to when my mother played for me. I could only hear the music, not see her face. I sighed. Then I wondered.

"Xander never said anything about your two's parents." I looked at her. She held her silence, a sadness swept into her eyes. "Did something happen?"

She suddenly burst into a new speed. I could still follow her, but she was going too fast for me to talk. When we reached to band room, she slipped silently into her seat. I sat in the seat next to her. She pulled out a flute and began playing the music in front of us. It was beautiful.

After class, I started to approach Xander, when Aderyn grabbed my arm with a painfully powerful grip.

"Do not mention our parents to him." She whispered urgently in my ear.

"Why?" I whispered back.

"He knows nothing about them. Do not, under any circumstances, mention our parents." She let go. My arm felt sore and somewhat tingly. Why shouldn't I mention their parents???

The End

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