After math, where Aderyn and I got something done besides composing (much to my disappointment)  we all went our separate ways. I headed off to science, the worst subject on the history of the planet...tied with math.  I endured through it.  Afterward I headed off to English, not as bad as science, but still not my favorite. I met Annie in the class, but Marsha wasn't there.  I didn't really find this odd, she often skipped English and stayed in the lab or slept.  By fourth period I was always anxious.  We studied fact vs. opinion, then wrote a journal about factional sources. I didn't actually do this, my notebook is filled with staff paper.  I finished writing the song that I had started earlier, ready to give it to the band next period.  About ten minutes before class ended I left to get ready for my band class...the highlight of my day.

First I photocopied each part that we needed: Flute, Guitar, Trumpet, Sax, Clarinet and Piano.  I didn't know what part Joseph would play, so I made an extra copy of each.  Then I went to the band room and set up the rows, 2 in front, 3 in back including the piano.  I set the music on each chair, then went to my large selection of instruments and tried to decide which one to play during class.  I ended up choosing the flute, so I set an extra chair next to Aderyn's.  Before I knew it class was in session.

Aderyn was the first to arrive, grabbing both her flute and guitar.  Jess and Annie were next, Jess not needing to do anything but sit at the piano--Annie grabbing her trumpet.  Finally came Joseph, who hovered, unsure of where to go.  Just before class started Aderyn walked up to him and cheerfully asked,

"What are you going to play? We don't have any low brass!"  Joseph stared at her for a moment, jaw dropped, then replied timidly,

"I have a flute that I was going to play.  My mom taught me when I was little, it's the only thing I remember about her." then, almost as an afterthought, "so I cherish the talent."  Aderyn continued talking to him, then led him out of the room to go get his flute.  Meanwhile, I started class.

The End

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