After the tour, we ended at the front office. This was a relief because I didn't remember all those turns. I slipped a map into my back pocket when Xander wasn't looking. I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

"All students, report to your first period. All students, report to your first period." Crackled over the intercom. Xander smiled, waved cheerily, then ran off. I looked at my schedule, looked at the map and thought Help......

After fifteen minutes of wandering around trying to find my first period, I finally found it and felt gnawing anxiety.

"I'm sorry teacher!" I started as I opened the door. "I couldn't find the-" Almost pitch blackness met my eyes. I walked in, and closed the door. Looking up, I realized that the light bulbs were black lights. My shoe laces glowed. Some art class.

As my eyes adjusted, I saw there was someone in the corner. Thinking it was the teacher, I walked over and started to explain what had happened. When I got close enough, I realized it was Aderyn.

"Where's the teacher?" I asked her. She didn't answer, didn't move. I waved my hand in front of her face. Not even a single blink. Now that was creepy. I stumbled around and found a chair. Sitting down, I started looking around at what I could.

Twenty five minutes army crawled with a bad limp by. Aderyn hadn't moved at all. My eyes started to close. A faint rustle didn't register in my brain fast enough for me to prepare. Click, CLANK! The room darkened, then exploded.

"Ah!" I slammed my eyes shut.The light grew brighter and brighter with each clank. Blinking furiously, I managed to get my eyes back to normal. Aderyn was running- no, flying around the room. She jumped, grabbed a chain and yanked hard, tarzan swinging all the way down. Metal blinds rocketed up. When all the sunshine was in the room. She stood for a moment, drinking in the sunlight. Then the bell rang. She opened a closet, pulled some things out, then flew out the door. I pulled out my map.

Having figured out how the map worked, I got to my next class. Xander was there, smiling.

"Have a good art class with Aderyn?"

"No. She barely moved for most of it and the room was pitch black until the end."

Xander started to chuckle. "Yeah, we two artistic ones have our trances where we don't respond to, or hear for that matter, other people. At least, it's like that for me. With Aderyn, you can never tell if she's really watching you or not. She was probably watching you, making observances about you to guess what you're like, what you like to do, how you respond to different things. It's actually really a useful skill she's developed. The only bad side is that it's creepy and you can't tell if she's doing it or not."

I blinked at him, then entered the classroom. I immediately sat in the front desk. Xander sat in the desk next to me.

Aderyn swept in and plunked a mathbook and a notebook down on the desk behind me. "Then she threw a shoe at me!"

"What?" I asked turning around to face her. Xander sighed.

"We had that conversation TWO WEEKS AGO!" He exclaimed.

"I know." She said plainly. "I wasn't done."

The bell rang.

The teacher appeared. Thank goodness! A teacher!

"Welcome Joseph. Now, today's lesson is about graphing and slope.........." The teacher started immediately. I was pretty ok at this stuff.

About five minutes into the lesson, I became aware of a clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk behind me. Aderyn was hitting her head on the desk. The strangest part was the fact that she was hitting it with exact rhythm. I looked at Xander, expecting him to shush her. Instead, he was tapping his fingers on his desk with Aderyn's clunking. Then they got more elaborate. Xander's fingers started going up and down, both hands. Like a piano! I realized. A look of crazed enjoyment spread across his face. Suddenly his hands flew up and mimicked using a trumpet, then a clarinet, and finally, a flute. By the time he reached the flute, he had this silly look on his face.

The teacher suddenly stopped, and turned around. She sighed. "Aderyn stop hitting your head on the desk Xander stop composing and Joseph thank you for not doing anything abnormal." She said all in one breath, as though she's said it a million times. She then turned back to the board.

The lesson was going well, although I was the only one interacting with the teacher. When she was saying and writing the assignment on the board, I became aware of a clunk, clunk, clunk behind me again. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Xander moving. A lot. Looking up, I'd seen the teacher had vanished again.

I turned in my seat. Grabbing Aderyn's head, I lifted her face so she could see me. "Do you need help?"

"Yes." She said.

"Alright then." I grabbed her math book and opened it. "Um," I said awkwardly. "Are you sure this is a math book?"

"Mm hm!" She said, knodding. All over her math book, on every page, were doodles. Horses running, birds flying. All supposed to be in a museum, I thought. In all the bottom corners was the same drawing over and over again. Aderyn saw me staring at them.

"Flip the pages." She said. I did as she said. A very detailed little cartoon girl ran and jumped over an obstacle repeatedly. "Do it backwards."

I did as Aderyn commanded. The girl ran backwards. "That is so cool!"

I did it a couple of more times. Then we got down to math. Xander would pop in every now and then with a question. We finished the assignment five minutes early. The bell rang, Aderyn smiled at me. Light shined inside me.

The End

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