"Hey Marsha!"  Xander called to me.  He was walking past the science lab, leading the new boy, Joseph? past.  "Whatcha working on?" then to Joseph, "that's the science lab, Marsha and Annie are the only people that ever work in there."

"We were just getting ready to test our time machine!"  I replied to him. 

He smiled sweetly at me, then waved and said, "I'll see you in Math!" and walked away.  I smiled, then turned to Annie.

"ready?"  I asked her. She nodded, and placed the time machine on the table.  I reached over and set the date to last week in the band room,  we wanted to see a familiar memory (if it did work.)  I pointed it towards us, then activated it.  There was a whirring sensation, then we found ourselves in a practice room in the band room.  We saw ourselves, sitting in our sections, waiting.  Suddenly Jess burst into the room, yelling,

"Sorry I'm late!"  and then we were back in the lab.  I turned towards Annie.  We were silent for a moment, then we burst into a fit of giggles.  It worked! It had actually worked!  We were so happy! 

"Yes!" Annie exclaimed, after she caught her breath.  "I'm going to go tell Jess!"  I nodded, and she ran off. I stayed behind, wanting to find something out.

I turned back towards the time machine.  I set the date to 12 years ago on mine and Annie's birthday, November 17.  I set the place to general "hospital".  If all went well, I would show up somewhere I was already present.  I wanted to find out who my parents were, and I was hoping if I went to my birthplace, both would be there.

I turned it towards me, and clicked the on switch, just as I had before.  There was the whirring sensation...and then complete darkness and a horrible voice.  "you cannot retrieve this."

I cannot believe this is happening!  I thought,  all went well before!

The End

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