Never Look Back


Run, Just Keep On Running. Never Look Back. I thought running laps would clear my head, it usually does. Wrong. My thoughts quickly changed to Aderyn. I stopped running and fell to my knees as ice cold rain pelted the ground around me, plastering my red hair to my face. "Where are you? Whats Happened to you?" I asked silently, tears tracing my cheeks. The wind howled as it slowed and disappeared, and the sun lightened up. I stood. "Help!" called a voice I whirled around and ran into the courtyard and saw Marsha standing and yelling at the sky like it had done something wrong. Her strawberry blonde hair was stuck to her clothes and her hazel eyes were red. She went to collapse to her knees but I ran and caught her. She looked at me "I'm scared- I can't find myself anymore" she stammered, her voice barely above a whisper. I shook her shoulders "You. Are. Marsha. You're my sister! We fight to our last breath and we Never Look Back!"

The End

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