Trying to get closer without looking like I was eavesdropping I heard a small amount of the conversation. "...I have lived in the city my whole life," Joseph injected, "I am pretty sure that I could help you find them." Mr. Jackson was looking intently at him, as if trying to size him up. Finally he answered, "I don't see how that won't help." and Joseph nodded.

Suddenly, that nod brought a flash back into my memory. "With this time machine, we could do anything!" Marsha cried in exasperation, "We could go back in time and see why we are what we are, meet our parents, know our identities!" I ran back in the lab, subconsciously wondering why Joseph nodding had brought back the memory, but not fully caring. I can easily find Marsha with the tracking devise that we put  on ourselves! I thought excitedly, Why didn't I think of this before now! The idea was so ingenious, lying right in front of my nose this whole time.

I picked up the devise, my mind bursting in excitement. My sister can be back to me within minutes! My life will be whole again!  "To Marsha!" I told the GPS-phone thing, (we don't really name them) "Hello?" Marsha said, "Marsh!" I yelled, "Where are you?" I was answered by a buzzing noise, our invention had crashed.

I kicked the table in despair, Why can't she just come back! I thought angrily, and then ran to my room and sat on the bed, sobbing.

The End

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