I managed to find a map and make it to the dance room. Why in the world was I signed up for dance??? I made it to the classroom. A girl named Annie was standing in the room with her back to me. She turned around quickly when I entered, but her face fell when she saw me.

The teacher eyed us both, then told me to put my stuff in a cage door locker. She handed me a lock and pointed to a locker on the bottom row. I noticed the lock had my name on it. The locker next to me had a lock that said "Aderyn" on it. I wondered who that was. The one just above Aderyn's had "Marsha" and the one above mine had "Xander". I put my stuff away and sat down next to my locker. The bell rang for class to begin and the teacher looked around, confused.

"I wonder where Aderyn and Xander went." She muttered. Then she turned to me. "My name is Miss Rosette. I am your dance instructor."

"Nice to meet you." I stood up and went to stand by Annie. Miss Rosette was about to say more, but the screeching of tires interrupted her. With a confused look on her face, she went over to the window. She opened the shades in time to see a car drive away a few seconds later.

"OH MY GOSH!!!!" She ran to the phone.

"What's wrong?" Annie asked. Miss Rosette didn't answer. Instead, she dialed a number.

"Principal? It's Miss Rosette. Aderyn just hi-jacked one of the school cars!"

The End

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