"So, Annie, you ready for the big play?" Mrs. Carson called. I was doing all of the tech stuff for the school play, set, lights, sound and everything else, which all but me had to be in. I had invented a remote so I could control everything at once, while standing in the back. Tech was my life, It was my favorite class besides Computer Science, but as of now it's my very favorite, because Computer just isn't very fun without Marsha. I really need to find her, she has the lead [a princess getting married to a very handsome prince (Xander)] so, without her, we don't have a play going, and Aderyn has to get married to her brother, since she is the back up. I need to find my Sister!!!

Guilty about not being able to figure out where she was, I sluffed science and went to Marsha's ballroom instead, so Xander wouldn't have to dance with the teacher, which would humiliate him. Getting to dance, I was in for a big surprise.

The End

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