Finally! After band we had a 45 minute lunch, but instead I took a 45 minute nap 'cause boy was I tired!

As the bell rang, waking me up, I walked into the kitchen just in time to see a girl walk out the door. Who was that, and why was she in my house? Why did that bell just ring? I decided to follow her out. "Oh Xander, thank goodness, I thought you would be late for class!" she exclaimed as I walked by her, "Now hurry up to get to PE!" I walked away puzzled, how did she know my name? Where was the PE room? Then a boy walked by, "Oh Xander! Could you show me where the locker room is?" Slowly, I shook my head no. Looking confused, he walked away. Was I in a school? Who were these people? I wish I knew how to find out.

The End

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