Band Room


"Well," I began, "the only thing I remember about my mother is that she played the flute. So I want to play the flute." Xander grunted tiredly. Suddenly, Jessica ran up.

"Xander, I think I know where Marsha went!" Xander's eyebrows shot up. Then his sister walked up with a guitar around her neck.

"And then he throws a shoe at me! Can you believe that?" Xander groaned and then said irritably,

"We had that conversation THREE DAYS AGO!!!"

"I know!" She said simply. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

"Joseph, go into the practice room and do this worksheet." Xander handed me a worksheet and pointed towards a separate room. I went in and started the worksheet, wondering why he hadn't started teaching me yet.

The End

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