The Next Few Periods


I laughed and shook my head. Xander wasn't reading my face right. He didn't know this face. The face I had when I left was a "I can get through math now bwahaha!!!" face.

Marsha, Annie, Alice and I all looped our arms at our elbows and skipped to PE. Then I went to Science.

The new kid, Joseph, was there too, looking slightly confused at my appearance. I slipped into my back corner and pulled out my sketch book. I began flipping through pages to find a blank one. The world suddenly got darkly on one half and lighter on the other. The darker one: Sadness that my entire sketch book was filled, as in, no blank pages! The lighter one: pride that I had filled an entire sketchbook with drawings.

Joseph saw my mixed expression and came awkwardly over. He asked me what was wrong, and I told him to find a blank page in my sketch book. He flipped through it several times. Joseph's expression changed as he saw the flashed glimpses of my drawings. Then he made a "hm" sound then gave me back my sketch book. I know knew my next self-assigned project in art: the making of a thick sketch book.

The End

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