The New kid and my Sister


I know that my sister has this thing for hating math, but when Joseph came everything changed. She walked into the room all gloomy, as usual, but then she sat down and looked around and her face suddenly lit up...Now what was that about?

During study time she was down again, mumbling under her breath, "I hate math. I Hate Math. I HATE MATH!" then Joseph walks over, a light in his eyes, and offers to help...I think something that nobody really knows about is going on here.

After Jo came over to help Ad had this light in her eye's that I have never seen before, and Joseph had the same light. The look on Ad's face when the bell rang was an unmistakable 'I don't want to leave!' which really means that something wrong is going on with her, since the usual look is 'Yes! Math is over!' If I don't find out what's up with my sis I think that I just might go crazy...

Going from hating to loving math in a day? AHHH!

The End

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