Aderyn gave me the map then left the canteen. I pulled out my timetable and smiled: PE was first! I started walking in the direction of my locker, trying to figure out the map. Which way up does it go? Where am I in comparison to the entrance? Is it this way I need to go... or that way? I sighed and looked up, realising that I had no clue where I was. Nice going.

I tried to retrace my steps but nothing worked. I was officially lost. I looked at my watch as the bell went - if I didn't hurry up and find my locker I would be late! And that, to me, is dreadful!! I love PE so much - mainly because that is my genius talent... Anyway, what I needed to concentrate on now was to try and find my way back, or at least to a place I recognise.

You'd think I'd know my way around this school by now, having been here over a year, but I've only been in about a quarter of the school - where the canteen, my dorm and the classrooms are. Whenever I go somewhere else, I'm always with someone else, like Addy.

I the end, I decided to sit on the floor and wait. Someone was bound to come here, right?

The End

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