Alice - New Kid and Tardiness

I was surprised when a boy entered my room, not to mention he looked very familiar. I had had a breakthrough in my story just then so I had to shove the annoyance of being interrupted from my mind. He stood there a bit nervously. Unsure of what to I set my pencil down and brushed the eraser pieces off of my black pants. I stood up and smiled.

"Hi there! I'm Alice but you can just call me Ali." I said with an upbeat voice which seemed to make him stare. I guess I kind of expected it. I mean I did look like a Goth minus the facial make-up. Plus normally when people see other wearing black they think they're more depressed apparently. "What law did you break to get here?" I asked giving him 'The Look' as everyone else called it when I pretended to interrogate people. What can I say? I'm the Gothic Drama Queen.

"Uhh.... I'm Joseph and I don't think I broke any-" I cut him off before he could finish.

"I'm just kidding." I said laughing "I know you didn't break any law. From the looks of it you're more of the White Type."

"White Type?" Joseph asked confused. Right then the bell rang for class to start.

"Crap! I'm late again!" I exclaimed closing my notebook grabbing my things "You might want to hurry as well." I said to Joseph as I grabbed his arm and yanked him out the room.


The End

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