Heartache and Explosions


Jess was late, again. I had decided that she was ready to know everything about the school that we hadn't told her. (she's only lived here a year)

"Hey Addy!" Jess had arrived! "what's so important?" I smiled, "Well, Xander and I have agreed that you're ready to hear the whole story about why you and your sisters are here, starting with how we came here..." I continued to tell her the story.

I don't remember my parents at all, but I remember the day Xander was taken away as if it was yesterday. We had lived in a foster home for as long as I could remember. One day we went to a monument for a field trip. Mrs. D was very strained, as though she knew something bad was going to happen. I don't know what happened, but when I woke up three days later in the hospital they told me my little brother was dead. I nearly died myself.

"how old were you when this happened?" Jessi asked, "6, Xander was 4." she frowned, "And he doesn't remember this?" I shook my head.

Three years later, I was still mourning my baby brother. We went to the same monument, which I begged not to go, but they forced me. And identical incident happened, but when I woke my beloved Xander was asking someone who I was. "Why, your sister!" the man cried. I beamed, Xander looked confused, "Sister?" the man nodded. "Well, if you say so," Xander mumbled, and walked away. I started crying at that point, my baby brother didn't remember me! The man said something about how he had wiped his memory, but he would soon remember everything.

"That's much different then how I arrived!" exclaimed Jessi. " I know," I replied, "you didn't have to go through the heartache of your sisters disappearing." She hadn't known she had any siblings 'til she moved in a year ago...

The End

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