The Tour


Giving Joseph a tour was very interesting. Having been here longer than any of the girls, I always got the privilege of new kids. I was excited to have another guy around. (having been raised alone, then around six girls yearnings start to form)

Joseph was very quiet, but I know that there were questions overflowing his brain by how strained his face was. I decided I would give him the chance to ask some of them. "Any questions?" he started, relaxed, and asked, "Why are there only seven of us in this giant school?" Oh great, the one question I couldn't answer!

"Um...Jo? I can't answer that question at the moment, but you'll find out when you're ready." I saw his face fall as he walked away. I called after him, "Remember, classes start at 7:30!"

As I walked back to my room I bumped into Jessica. "So, how'd the tour go?" She asked. I explained to her everything that had happened. "He'll understand by the end of the day," she reassured me, "Now," she checked her watch, "I'm running late for my breakfast with Ad!" I checked my own watch, 6:00, I was running late for my date with Marsha! (if you could call what we were going to be doing a date!)

The End

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