Mysterious Me


I still didn't get why we were having a tour of campus at five o'clock in the morning, though Xander insisted it was the best time for him, I didn't get why!

I had moved to this private school for geniuses because of an ability that I never thought I had. My math and English teachers insisted that my brain was accelerated to a breaking point, so I had to come here so I wouldn't go insane. (I don't see how it would make me insane either, trust me!) 

The rooms here were alphabetically labeled, but nobody here had a last name, so they just threw us in random rooms. I was put in a room with these three crazy (can you call geniuses crazy?) girls, presumably sisters, (hopefully, the three were almost identical!) on one side. My other neighbors were siblings also. The boy, Xander?, was who I was meeting now, and his older sister.

One of the weirdest things though, is that I was moved into a room with a girl named Alice, who was the exact same age as me, and looks remarkably very like me. I don't get these things, but I hope that I can get some of my questions answered!The one other weird thing was that we were the only seven students that went to the school. Something was up, and I was going to get to the bottom of it, even if I killed myself in the process!

The End

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