Castaway (dead: check out the new version!)

Don't have a known last name? You may be one more student added the the 7 students that got to the SSA. When Joseph moves into the mysterious academy that is home to only 7 students, all who don't own a last name, he knows something's up, and he's going to get the the bottom of it. With the help of his 6 genius friends they go off in pursuit to find their identities.



Marsha and Annie are looking for you AGAIN! If you could just come out so I can have some peace so I can get my homework done...please, little brother, GO OUTSIDE!!!!

Your sister,


I slid this note under Xanders door and hoped for the best. While I was waiting for Xander to come out I went to see why Marsha and Annie were being so persistent.

I walked into a very interesting seen. Marsha was wresting something out of Annie's hands and arguing in whispers about something. "Marsha, let me see that!" "No Annie! I want to tell him..." "It's my privilege, I'm a minute older!"

Oops! I think I forgot to mention that Marsha and Annie were identical twins...

Just as I was getting ready to interrupt their argument Xander walked in, singing the melody to a song that I had never heard before in my life. "Xander," I said, but he was in the zone. "Xander! What's that your working on?" That caught his attention! Satisfied, I walked outside and around the corner.





The End

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