This is a re-write of the story Castaway that I had before. I didn't like where that one was going, so I am starting this one. :)
"Don't have a known last name? You may be one more student added the the 7 students that got to the SSA. When Joseph moves into the mysterious academy that is home to only 6 students, all who don't own a last name, he knows something's up, and he's going to get to the the bottom of it.


I was in my room, composing a song, when I was interrupted by a knock on the door. 

"Xander!" I heard someone say, but I didn't leave.  A few minutes later their was a knock on my bedroom door and a note slid under.  I was still in the zone, but I read the note.  It said:


Marsha and Annie are looking for you AGAIN! If you could just come out so I can have some peace so I can get my homework done...please, little brother, GO OUTSIDE!!!!

Your sister,


"Hey Marsh!  Hi Ann!"  I said, "What have you got there?"  They smiled at me, Marsha saying,

"Oh, this is the newest model of our time machine, but that's not what we came here to tell you."  They then launched into a story, interrupting each other when they saw fit. 

They told me that their was a new boy at the school, he was 13, and I would be showing him around the school the next morning.  I found it odd that he had arrived at the school so old, the oldest person that had arrived at the school was Jessica, who was 9 when she joined the school.  I didn't let it puzzle me for long, I wanted too badly to complete my song before I had to go to bed...I had to get up early in the morning!

The End

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