Justin: Homesick

'I'd never given much thought to how I would die- though I've had reason enough in the past few months- but even if I did, I never would've imagined it like this.'

The beautiful words of Stephanie Meyer flowed through my brain, soothing it as I layed on my bed, in my make-shift camp. I knew sleep would soon fill me, so I set my battered old copy of Twilight  on the ground, and closed my blue eyes. My dream had the same message as all of the others.

I ran through the forest, the greens streaking past me. I turned to see if someone was after me. It was Harry. I yelped as I identified him in my head. Suddenly, fur started to appear all over him, and his shape changed into a- a wolf? Uh oh...

 I woke with a gasp. Again.

The End

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