Alipsis: Wings

I sat silently. The boy was asleep..... he had ran all night..... Okay so I was following but this human intreged me for some strange reason. I pressed my white wings closer to my back being careful not to rip my shirt.

I'm an angel..... Okay, that sounds slightly cheesy but it's what I am.

I've been flying for seven days...... to stay away from...... I don't know but it gives off really bad vibes.

I sigh. My golden curls hang just short of my shoulders and I trained my large oval shaped crystal blue eyes on the boy.

Suddenly he sit's up gasping. I tilt my small head watching him. My body is small and I'm quite muscular for my size....... in fact I'm quite strong like all angels.

I look up at the sky. It's almost night and I need to sleep tonight. I look down at the boy who seems to have the same intentions. Which is great!

I'll get to sleep and still follow him...... Does that make me sound creepy?

Anyway, let's hope tonight will be peaceful.

The End

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