Blake: Dares in the DarkMature

"Where shall we go?" Kia asked, carrying a couple of bottles  as we jogged through the trees.

"The beach." Cayden decided, changing our direction slightly so we headed for the water. Zac threw a grin at me and I smiled back.

"So, dares and midnight swims huh?" He said as we climbed over some logs at the edge of the sand.

"Could be fun." I defended as we found a place behind the rocks that hid us from the main building and sat down, laying out the food and drink we'd swiped.

"Depends how brave some people are." Cayden added, grinning. The moon was bright enough that we could see each other so there was no need for a fire.

"Why, what are you planning to dare people to do?" Kia asked, fluttering her eyelashes at him.

"So many things." He grinned at her.

"So swim first?" Zac suggested, rolling his eyes at Cayden and Kia.

"Sure." They agreed.

We stripped to our swimming gear which we'd been wearing underneath our clothes, and hurried down the beach to the water. The cold water hit my feet and I shivered. Midnight swims are warmer in America.

"Come on Blake." Zac encouraged, already waist deep. Cayden glanced over and came towards me grinning.

"No. No don't you dare." I glared at him. He just continued to grin, then picked me up and carried me out, throwing me in once I was level with Zac. I hit the cold water and came up glaring. "You!" I jumped on him and dunked him. Once he came up spluttering I giggled and swam off to Zac. He was looking at the beach.

"Look. Someone's there."

I jerked my head round and saw that, yes, someone was there. Camp counsellor? No. It was Bianca, and she was coming to join us. I let a groan of disappointment out before turning to Zac.

"She'd better not get us caught."

"She won't." He replied. And then my legs went out from  under me and I disappeared under the water. When I surfaced Cayden was laughing, and Zac had a smirk on his face. Until he disappeared under water, and Kia surfaced, grinning at having managed to pull him under. I laughed and then heard the sound of Bianca laughing. I turned and decided to start over, to be nice. If Zac liked her, she couldn't be that bad.

"Hey Bianca." I smiled. She stared at me in shock, but recovered.


"Hey Dorito face, come to ruin the party?" Kia said. I threw her a look.

"Ladies, can we just have a nice evening?" Zac asked, having resurfaced.

Bianca and Kia continued to glare at each other, but nodded. And I felt someone grab my waist to pull me down, took a deep breath, and as soon as I was under water yanked Cayden with me. He managed to wink under water, and I rolled my eyes then surfaced. As I appeared so did he and I splashed him.

"Cut it out Cayden." I joked. "Go dunk someone else." He obliged and headed off to Bianca. She fought to keep him off but he succeeded in dunking her all the same. She came up complaining about her makeup.


We sat around in a circle, drinking and eating, and I played a few tunes on my guitar. Zac sat next to me and kept smiling at me, so I focussed my attention on him instead of Cayden, who also seemed pretty interested in my music. Kia was flirting outrageously with him at this point, and he glanced at her with a wicked grin before suggesting a game of dares. I put down my guitar and nodded.

"Ok. Who's first?" He asked, setting out a bottle to spin.

"Uhm, I thought we were playing dares." I said.

"We are."

"Why do we need a bottle?"

"That's how you play."

"Wow, England is strange. In America, spin the bottle is kissing, and dares are just given out if you don't tell us a truth."

"I like the American spin the bottle." Cayden winked. "But English spin the bottle is like dare, truth, and so you can dare two people to kiss etc."

"Oh, ok." I shrugged and settled down to play. Zac span first.

"Truth or dare?" Cayden asked intently.

"Dare." Zac muttered.

"Dare you to kiss Blake!" Kia chuckled.

"No, to easy to start off with. The kissing comes near the end when we're all tired." Cayden said hastily. "I dare you to climb those rocks." He pointed to the mini- cliff at the edge of the beach.

"That's too dangerous!" I protested, glaring at Cayden.

"Don't worry, I've climbed in the dark before. Higher climbs too." Zac reassured me, and stood up, going over to the rocks. We all followed, I was concerned. But he managed, climbing swiftly up and then down the rock. We cheered quietly and went back to our place behind the rocks.

"Blake next." Cayden said. I span the bottle and it landed on Bianca. "Bianca gets to choose what Blake does."

I glanced at Kia. This could not be good.

"I dare you to strip off naked and run down the beach like that." Bianca said. Cayden's eyes lit up.

"No." I glared.

"Ooh, forefit!" She said. "What shall we make her do Cayden?"

The End

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