Bianca: Secret Party After HoursMature

My plan to obtain Nadine’s account details and even find a computer to log onto failed miserably, and annoyed I made my way slowly to the lunch hall. It was packed as usual and it stunk of burnt food and the stink of virginity. I grabbed a plate of slop which I probably wouldn’t even eat and sat down at a table. A couple of other people were also sitting at the table who stared at me bewildered that I had the cheek to come over and just join their table. I glared at them and said ‘What?!”  

They shrugged and their eyes made their slow decent back towards their food.

In the corner of the room I saw the bitch Blake and her friend Kia chatting with Zak and Cayden and I was sure that I saw Blake give me an angry stare at one point but it didn’t phase me in the slightest. I knew that if she started on me, I would get her back thrice over.

As I was about the leave the hall and go back to my cabin room the supervisor Helena I think I her name was, stood up and called above the noise.

“Everyone, it has been decided by myself and the staff that we need a casual icebreaker in the form of a party tonight. I think that it would be good if everyone could attend…” at this point I was sure that she glanced over in my direction. “The staff will put on a few team building activities then we will allow you a bit of leash to get to know everyone… Please don’t strangle us with it!” Helena said glaring over at everyone, her eye lingering again on me for that nanosecond longer. She nodded then sat down.


After I had pulled on a fresh outfit with lots of pockets so that I could hide my mobile phone and my cigarettes I headed towards the ‘supervised party’ which I knew would be shit because all the supervisors would be there, yet I knew that I would get hounded by the Nadine if I didn’t go.

I perched on a log as far away as I could from the others and stared into flames as they flickered and just listened to the world go by. I could hear someone playing chords on a guitar and I looked up to see Blake sitting across the fire from me. She looked in her element which seemed to make me scowl as she was actually a pretty decent player. I had tried to learn to play when I was younger and had not gotten very far as I could get my fingering right.

The various supervisors had tried several times to try to get me to join in with the team building activities but I had blatantly refused  and after countless attempts they lost interest in me. I got up and walked into a small patch of trees out of view and pulled out a cigarette, I sparked it up and inhaled the smoke. The smoke hit the back of my throat and a calming sensation stole across me. The world was all better when I could smoke although the glaring fact that I was running low on cigarettes was still niggling in the back of my mind. I needed to buy some cigarettes and quick but where and how?

I savoured the taste and only stubbed the cigarette out when there was no more to actually smoke (why waste any cigarette) and when I re emerged from the trees the crowd of people that I had left and the supervisors were packing up.

“Time to turn in for the night Bianca, the party is over” Nadine said and I nodded, spotting from the corner of my eye Blake and Kia slipping into some more trees nearby. I turned on my heel and heading in the general direction of the cabin but when Nadine’s head was turned, slipping into the carefully placed shadows and towards the secret party.

The End

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