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I was excited about the party tonight, this would be the first party I'd go to without getting drunk and I was looking forward to making that first milestone. Each day that passed without alcohol brought me that step closer to home, one step closer to Indonesia. But also with each day I was beginning to like England a little bit more, there was a swell coming and according to another avid surfer I had befriended there was meant to be some barrels. But all I wanted to do tonight was chat, hang and chill.

I could see Kia glaring at me having heard I'd invited Bianca, but I didn't want to exclude anyone from this little get together which was turning out not to be so little. The rest of the day however consisted of orienteering round the island. My partner was Adam and so we headed towards the caves, took cover in there from the drizzle and bouldered. Adam hadn't been bouldering before but he got the hang of it quickly, once our fingers were numb and fingernails cracked we sat on a rock and watched as the sun finally came through the clouds.

What's it like being a twin?” I asked him,

Oh it's just like having a sister really, except we share a few more things – like a birthday!”

How long has Rosie had bipolar?”

It's not something that just suddenly comes but we first found out when she was twelve, it really surfaces when she's under stress or some other strong emotion.” Adam seemed comfortable talking about his sister's issue so I decided to address his,

And how come you're here?” I asked him, he glanced sideways at me and then lay back on the rock.

I swore to myself I wasn't going to tell anybody,” he said quietly,

Don't worry about it man, I'm not going to push you,”

Thanks, maybe I'll tell you later,” he offered. I grinned at him and then looked up to see Cayden ambling towards us.

What are you two love birds doing here?” he asked, I sent him a look and then smiled,


Nice,” Cayden smiled,

And yourself?” Adam asked,

Just avoiding whatever activity I've got in store this afternoon.” Cayden came and sat next to me on the rock and began to try and remove a barnacle with a small rock.

Why are you here?” Adam asked Cayden,

I just said, I'm avoiding the...”

No I mean here here, on this island?”

That's a bit person,” Cayden grinned, “But I'll let you two in on the secret. I don't really see it as a problem but I'm too much of a ladies man.”

You're being punished because you score?” Adam asked surprised.

I don't see this camp as punishment,” I muttered,

Well of course you don't, you signed yourself up to come here,”

It's not that bad!” I told him, he shrugged half in agreement.

No you're right, plus there's a whole new pool of girls who don't know my history!” Cayden smiled as the barnacle cracked and came loose from the rock.

And you Zac?” Adam asked, “You don't have to say,”

No I'm fine talking about it, I basically spent all my money on university and alcohol so couldn't afford to get back to Indonesia. So I was planning on staying with my Grandma, she passed away and so I ended up here.”
“Sorry about your Grandma,” Adam said patting my back,

It's okay, I never really saw her much because we lived abroad...”

What are Indonesian girls like then?” Cayden asked,

Not how you'd imagine,” I grinned.

Boys! You down on the beach! You should be in an activity!” Came a call from the cliff above, we all scrambled off the rock and ran for the beach path which led to the woods.

Do you think she saw who we were?” Adam asked breathlessly,

Nah, shouldn't think so!” Cayden smiled. There were some fallen logs which were all in a circle, I kicked the log and then stood on it.

Looks like a good place for a party lads,” I told them. Tonight couldn't come sooner.


This was nothing like an LSE party but three hours into it I was still enjoying myself. I had a hot chocolate in my hand, I was sat facing a camp fire and there was some guitar music coming from somewhere which I was enjoying. Rosie was sat next to me with a stick which she was poking the fire with.

Do you feel it coming?”

Do I feel what coming?” she asked,

The mood swings?”

Sometimes, even if I feel them coming I can't do much about it,”

Has it hindered you at all?”

What is this, an interview?” she asked,

Sorry, I find it fascinating,”

Why not put me in a freak show then?” she snapped, I took a sip of my hot chocolate and took a deep breath.

I didn't mean that, you're an interesting person,”

Because I have something wrong with me? Because I'm not normal?” Adam came over and whispered something in Rosie's ear, her face softened and she stood up and left.

What did you say to her?”

Don't worry,” he smiled and walked off leaving me alone. I picked up the stick Rosie had been using and broke it with my hands, letting the bits fall on the floor.

You having fun?” A friendly American voice asked me,

Yeah I am thanks,” I smiled back,

Did you hear me playing?”

That was you?” I asked her surprised, she nodded in reply, “You were really good, I was just thinking how much I liked this music, you have a great voice,”

Thanks,” she smiled and took a seat on the log so we were facing each other. “You ready to get out of here? I've served my time with the guitar,”

Sure,” I smiled and stood up, “let's go.”

The End

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