Bianca: The PlanMature

I hated this place with a passion already, it was horrible and it was full of stupid people who had their heads stuck up their arses, especially that Blake girl! I sat down on a large rock and watched the waves lapping against the beach, the impact of the waves pulled the pebbles into the depths of the water. I took a long drag on the cigarette in my hand and flicked the ash off the end, I breathed in the smoke and it seemed to calm me. The rock which I was sitting on was embedded deep into the beach and was conveniently situated out of view from the cabins meaning that my councillor Nadine didn’t come waddling to find me.  I had successfully managed to avoid all the ‘fun’ activities that she had planned for everyone in my cabin and so far despite looking Nadine had never found me. If she had found me then my cigarettes would have definitely been the first thing to be taken from me. My mobile being the second.

I dropped the cigarette butt down on the ground and crushed it with my foot, I then watched as the waves washed it away into the water and out of sight. Noises in the distance suggested that people were finishing from the activities and looking at my watch I guessed that it was time for the slop which they called food to be served out. I slowly got to my feet and started to head in the general direction of the dining cabin, pulling my purple blackberry curve out of my bra and trying to ring my best friend Sadie as I went but as predicted there was no signal, I couldn’t even check facebook as there was no internet connection …. Or was there? I thought about this for a moment or two while I walked and realised that there must be hotspots for phone signal and there must be internet connection because how else would they have been able to have a website about the camp or answer emails? I knew that they answered emails as I heard Nadine talking to one of the other counsellors about emailing Mrs Cottings and telling her that her son Kieron would be able to arrive late due to a last minute cancellation.

I decided that I would skip my dinner (wise move) and see if I could find the camps main computer and get onto the system but first I needed the username and password for one of the councillors. I stopped in my tracks to formulate a plan inside my head. I decided that I would wait until I was sure that everyone including the councillor had gone to dinner, then I would raid Nadine’s room and see if she had written down her username and password then dependant on how long that took I would then try to find the computer and possibly get back to sort of short lived form of civilisation in the form of facebook!

I was just about to find somewhere hidden where I would have a good view of the hall when Zac came up behind me.

“Hey!” he said.

“Hi” I said pulling out a cigarette and lighting it, “Yes?”

“Fancy coming to a party tomorrow after dark?” he said cheerfully.

“Umm, okay” I said smiling at him (the first genuine smile for a while), “should be fun dependant on who is coming.”

I was just about to move away when Zac asked, “Arent you coming to dinner?”

I shrugged at him and walked off, taking a long drag on my cigarette as I went, my plan formulating more and more inside my head.

The End

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