Blake: SurfMature

Kia and I slipped on our bikinis and met Zac down at the beach. As we waded out in to the water I shivered.

"The water in England is so cold!"

"I know. You get used to it though." He replied, and lay down on his board to paddle out. I followed suit, Kia behind us doing the same. We surfed for a good hour, and although the waves weren't as good as they were in America, I still had fun. Zac was a great guy; he was intelligent and he made me laugh. Kia seemed to enjoy herself too, although she spent most of her time flirting with some of the guys who were sitting on their boards, chatting. When our time was up, Zac and I jogged back on to the beach and collapsed on the sand laughing.

"That was so much fun." I grinned. "Thanks for getting me out there."

"No problem. We'll have to do it again. You're a natural."

"Well I've done loads of boarding in my life, so I've got the balance down already I guess."

"That must be it." He ran his hands through his hair. "Guess we'd better get back to reality. I reckon the counsellors have a whole load of un-fun things for us to do."

"More than likely." I groaned. For a moment I'd forgotten I was here against my will. "Come on then." I looked for Kia but she had disappeared, having come ashore earlier than Zac and I. Zac and I headed to where our towels were, just as Zac's counsellor appeared.

"Zachary, follow me please. We're doing activities on the climbing wall. Wouldn't want you to miss out."

Zac grinned at me and left, so I picked up my towel and headed back towards my hut. On the way I spotted another little cabin that had no number. It seemed fairly lonely. I could do with a place like that to disappear when I wanted to play the guitar. I saw Helena coming through the buildings, and since she hadn't seen me yet, I slipped away. No way was I getting another understanding talk, especially in my bikini. I reached the little cabin, found it was locked and hurried round the side, looking over my shoulder to make sure Helena didn't see me. She disappeared in to one of the huts and I breathed a sigh of relief.


My heart almost jumped out of my body as I span round and found Cayden leaning against the cabin behind me, his hands in the pockets of his jeans and a smile on his face as his eyes flicked quickly over my body. I quickly covered my light blue bikini up with my towel and glared at him.

"What are you doing hiding behind here?"

"I could ask you the same question."

I rolled my eyes and peered around the side of the building, but Helena was now in the centre of the buildings with most of the people in my cabin. Aw crap. I turned reluctantly back to Cayden and forced a smile on to my face.

"Look, I won't pry in to your business or anything, but you've got to stay quiet until my counsellor buggers off and I can go get changed."

He chuckled, eyeing the towel.

"Don't you like her or something?"

"No, she's alright, I just don't fancy doing whatever crappy activity she's got lined up." I looked up at the sky as a chill breeze caught me, and saw the sun was disappearing behind a cloud. It would be out again momentarily, but I wasn't used to this luke warm British sun.

"Maybe you'd enjoy it?" I looked back at him.

"Hm, well maybe I'd enjoy being here a lot more if you weren't trying to get another peep at my boobs."

His eyes snapped back to mine and he chuckled again, much more softly.

"Alright, you caught me. But you're an attractive girl, so what's a guy to do?"

"Well thanks and all, but a decent guy would at least have the courtesy to offer me his jacket."

He studied me for a moment, then slipped off his jacket and handed it to me. It took me a little bit by surprise that my sharp retort had got him, but I accepted the jacket anyway. When I'd draped it round my shoulders and pulled the towel tighter around my body, I thanked him.

"Guess I'm a decent guy after all." He said, sitting down. I sighed and sat down with him.

"I didn't mean you weren't a decent guy... but I mean you were looking at my boobs. Seriously, it's such a male thing. I mean, I don't go round staring at your muscles all day do I?"

"So you noticed?" He grinned, flexing a little. I rolled my eyes again.


"That would have worked on most girls."

"Well I'm not most girls." I replied, peering round the edge of the hut to see if Helena and the group had gone yet. They hadn't. I grimaced. Guess I was going to have to stay for a moment. "So, why are you here?" I asked Cayden.

"Same as you. Escaping from the timetable of camp life."

"And what spectacular activity are you timetabled for?" I asked, squeezing some of the water from my hair and running my hands through it to push it back.

"I don't know. Some attitude changing thing I guess. Mainly I'm here because my counsellor wants me neutered."

"I wonder why." I muttered, thinking about Bianca.

The End

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