Zac - New Day, New StartMature

The sound of Will's snoring kept me awake that night, he sounded like a human chainsaw but from the looks of it no one else was awake. By 5am I had had enough, got out of bed, donned my shorts and t-shirt and made my way outside. The sun had already risen but had not gained any height in the sky yet. I decided to head to the beach and see if I could have a quick morning swim. I knew what I was doing was against the rules of the camp, any water activities required the presence of a life guard but that wasn't going to stop me. As I made my way through the trees I saw a figure standing at the shore, I guess I wasn't the only early riser.

Morning,” I chimed, she jumped but I pretended not to have seen.

Hi, Zac right?”Blake smiled, I smiled back – she'd remembered my name. We discussed the early mornings and surfing, before long people had woken up and were heading to breakfast.

Hey, people are up. We'd better go.” She told me,

Sure. Come on,” I smiled and we made our way along the beach towards the food cabin.

I don't usually eat breakfast,” she told me,

“Why? What's not to like?” I asked picking up a plate and piling it with bacon and sausages,

I don't know,” she began sarcastically, “fat, fat and more fat...don't blame me if one day you wake up with a blocked artery.”

I don't think that far ahead,” I grinned and handed her my plate, “just try it, you never know it might taste different here in Britain than over in America.” We took a seat together at a table, I watched as she picked up the sausage and gingerly bit into it.

Well this sure ain't a frankfurter,”

That's called non-processed meat,” I winked, “most Brits hate that American rubber stuff you pass as meat,”

You seem to know a lot about Britain for a someone who obviously hasn't grown up here,”

“It's that obvious is it?” I asked her, “What gave me away?”

“I don't know, you're so tan and I've never heard an accent like yours before. Where are you from?”

I grew up in Indonesia, but my parents are from Britain,”

So do you count yourself British or Indonesian?”

Neither, I count myself bi-racial,”

Is that a word?”

Not sure it is,” I smiled, we both began to laugh and then Bee walked in. As soon as our eyes met I saw the look of betrayal on her face, she had entrusted me with her secrets and now I was sat laughing with her enemy. I felt bad but I wasn't going to do anything, I was having fun. She glared at me as she went to the food buffet and grabbed an apple, I tried not to make eye contact with her but she sat right in my line of view and continued to stare. Blake was still talking to me, but I wasn't listening.

Excuse me, one moment,” I said apologetically. I got up and made my way over to Bee's table, as I sat down she stood up about to move.

Don't be a jerk!” I cried,

“Oh I'm the jerk am I?” she demanded slamming her tray back down. “Why are you sat with her? You heard how mean she is!”

I was just getting the other side of the story!”

So you think I'm a liar?”

No, I didn't say that...” I growled,

You didn't need to!” she stormed away and went to sit next to Cayden. I went back and sat with Blake who was now joined by Kia.

What was that about? Why are you talking to that Skank?”

We had an issue, it's resolved now,” I smiled, “How come you hate each other so much already? We've been here for less than 24 hours, did you know each other before or something?”

No, we just got off to a bad start.” Blake told me,

Anyway, enough of that,” Kia smilled, “who's up for surfing today?”

Do you even need to ask?” I grinned. 

The End

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