Zac - Girl FightMature

Have you ever met a celebrity?” A guy named Thomas asked me,

I'm good friends with Nadine Chandrawinata,” I told him with a grin,

Who?” he asked,

You don't know who she is? Miss Indonesia Universe!”

Dude people have to have to of heard of them, otherwise they're not a celebrity! But as no one else has even met one, I'm writing your name down in the box.” Thomas smiled.

Tom, do you have any pets?” Jesse asked arriving near us, Jesse was a nice guy who used to suffer from depression. He'd been coming to Camp Rebel since he was 15 and now he merely came back because he enjoyed it, he was long over his depression but I could still see the tell-tale scars on his wrist. Will had designed a bingo-like introductory exercise, people had to go around the group and fill in all the boxes – signing off people who fitted into the category. I was doing well, I just needed to find someone who knew where Fiji was.

You know where Fiji is?” I asked Jesse,

Nope, but I'm guessing you are the tallest guy here so could you sign that off?”

Sure,” I smiled and obliged.

Bingo!” Fred called running to Will, I rolled my eyes and folded up my piece of paper. Will congratulated Fred, gave him a chocolate bar and the whole cabin walked to the lunch hall for some food.

I sat with Adam and Rosie, Rosie apologised for her outbreak earlier. “In all the hassle of getting to camp I forgot to take my meds,” she explained. I smiled and tucked into my soup,

How long have you had bipolar?”

I found out I had it two years ago, my parents were suspicious of my mood swings – the doctors said it was hormonal and I'd get over it. The doctors were wrong. Adam and I are adopted and so they think my bipolar is a result of a messed up childhood. Adam turned out okay though, didn't you bro?”

Why are you here then?” I asked him, “If you don't have a 'problem',” I made quotation marks in the air, Adam smiled and put down his fork.

I'm not totally normal, I have issues with trust but I'm mainly here for Rosie.” He put his arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder, it suddenly reminded me of how much I missed my own brothers.

What's going on over there?” Adam asked looking over at a crowd, I got up and made my way to the crowd peering over the heads of people. Two girls were fighting, a counsellor got kicked and fell back onto a girl who fell into me. I caught her and propped her back on her feet, “You alright?” I checked,

Yeah, thanks,” she grinned. It was the girl from the car, closer up I could see her properly. She had an Indonesian-look about her, her long black hair reminded me of the women who worked on the textile plants. Her skin however was paler and she had blue eyes. Her voice had an accent I couldn't quite place in the two words I'd heard her say, she was watching the fight again but I touched her arm and leaned closer to her ear to be heard over the noise.

What happened?”

It's a long story,” she began, I recognised the accent: American. “Basically the dorito-faced, make-up skank sudden turned awol and attacked Kia!”

People here are messed up,” I muttered loud enough for her to hear,

You can say that again,” she smiled, “I'm Blake,”

Zac,” we shook hands. Cayden walked over to use, coming to talk to me or Blake I couldn't tell. Blake took one look at him coming and disappeared towards who I guessed was Kia. Cayden was left with me whether he liked it or not.

Hey,” he smiled, “girls are cray-zy!” he elongated the word, I just smiled, the crowd was beginning to disperse. “But bitch-fights, you've got to admit it, they're pretty hot!” he winked, I shrugged,

As long of neither of them are hurt,” I said watching one of the girls catch the blood falling out her nose. Cayden punched me gently,

They'll be fine, anyway man I've got to go – see you around!” with that he left and I headed back to cabin 7 to pick up my activity options for the next week. The only option I was going to tick was surf, surf and more surf.

The End

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