Blake: Cabin 1Mature

The cabins were actually pretty nice. Kia and I grabbed the beds in the corner, next to each other. There was a window looking out on to the water between our beds, so we pretty much had the best space.

Helena came round with a box for phones. I gave her my old flip phone, keeping my iphone hidden and on silent, so that I could listen to music and phone whenever I wanted. There was no way I wasn't keeping in touch with my mates. No way. 

Helena took us out for some introductory  exercises, including introducing ourselves to everyone in our cabin, explaining why we were here and saying a little about what we liked; who we were.

Kia and I were near to the start, so she gave her info, and then I introduced myself.

"Hey I'm Blake. I'm here because the one time my parents actually came to visit there was a party going and someone smashed a priceless vase. Oh, and there were a load of complaints from school and neighbours. So that's about it."

"Anything you'd like to share about yourself Blake? Interests and hobbies?" Helena asked.

"Oh, yeah, um... I play guitar, and I do stunts on my BMX."

"Alright cool. Next." We moved on and I had a funny feeling that Helena was going to talk to me afterwards. She just had that look on her face when she glanced at me. I knew that look. That was the look counsellors at school gave when they came to pull me out of lesson when they found out my parents were away all the time. Nothing good ever came of it.

Sure enough...

"Alright everyone, it's lunchtime so we're going to go to the cafeteria and eat, and then all the cabins are going to join together for a tournament, cabin against cabin. Off you go. Blake, can I have a word?"

I rolled my eyes at Kia then turned back to Helena.

"I can't have done something wrong already." I said, showing my hands in to my pockets and staring at her.

"No, no, nothing wrong. I just wanted to let you know that your aunt called. She told me about your... situation at home."

"What situation?" I asked, a little defensively.

"About your parents not being there. I just wanted you to know that part of this camp is that if you ever need to talk you can. I'm happy to give advice, or just listen, if that's what you need."

"Well thanks. But I'm fine, really. There's no need for you to do anything, or for me to talk. I'm just here to do my time and go back to how things were."

"Well if that's what you want. But if you want anything about your life, or yourself to be able to grow, or change, you need to let it. And we can help you here."

"I don't need any help." I muttered, turning away and walking off to the lunch room. I don't need that psychological crap I thought to myself. I don't need it.

Kia had joined the line that led to the food hatch. I crossed the floor to her and slipped in, earning a look from the girl next to her but brushing it off. We grabbed some sandwhiches and went to sit down. I dug in.

"What did Helena want?"

"Something about 'always here if you need to talk'. So I told her I was fine and walked off."

"Huh, so they do psychology now do they?" She muttered. "Hey look. That guy is hot." She pointed to the entrance. I looked over where she'd pointed and surprise surprise, saw the player swaggering in.

"Ugh, don't bother. He's a player. Besides, I'm pretty sure he's already shagged Dorito face."

"Really? Huh, who'd have known such a good looking guy would have such bad taste."

"Well, maybe he's here because he's addicted to sex."

"So they put him in an island with a load of attractive girls like us?" She laughed. "Oh yes, he's being tortured."

We laughed for a good while about that. And we only stopped when a shadow fell over the table and a voice said:

"Can I share the joke?" The player was there, smiling with a 'admire me' grin, and holding his food. He had a rough, yet silky voice that suggested sex in every syllable. Oh yes, he was very used to getting his own way.

"I doubt you'd understand." I stated clearly, hoping he'd get the message and go away.

"Try me." He chuckled, slipping on to a seat at the table, next to Kia. He gave her a wink and she grinned, before catching my eye and giving me a look that clearly said 'player or not, he's gorgeous'.

I raised one eyebrow and looked at him, trying to pass the message to his brain. Then again, his brain was probably  in his pants...

"Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot, although I don't know what I've done." He said, pulling that smile out again. "I'm Cayden."

"Blake. This is Kia."

"Nice to meet you both."


"So Blake. You play guitar?"


"I'd like to hear you sometime."

"We were saying she might get forced in to doing camp fire songs." Kia chuckled, facing Cayden. It seemed he'd got her attention. For goodness sake. What was it about being on an island that meant people went at it like rabbits?

Cayden chuckled.

"She might. I play as well you know."

"I didn't know. But thanks for telling me." I said sarcastically. It was annoying me how smooth he was. Was I the only girl on the island who wasn't bothered about this guy?

He chuckled again. And that was when Dorito face passed by. Kia and I looked at her, looked at each other, and both pulled the same face whilst we attempted not to laugh. Cayden noticed of course. 

"Bianca. Come and meet Blake and Kia." He called and she turned, breasts bouncing, to face us. I rested my elbow on the table, covering my lips with my hand as her orange face got closer. God, did she honestly think she looked good like that? She stood in front of us, one hip thrust to the side, glaring a little at me.

"Hi Bianca." Kia said, and I could tell from her breathless voice she was struggling not to laugh.

"Hi. Cayden, what am I doing here? I was going to meet my lunch."

"I just thought you'd like to meet these two lovely girls. Make some friends you know?" He smiled. A little burst of laughter broke from my lips and I felt Kia shaking next to me.

"Excuse me? What's so funny?" Bianca asked, putting one hand on her hip.

"Nothing, nothing." I said, desperately fighting against the bubbles of laughter rising...

"If you've got a problem, say it to my face."

God if only she hadn't have said 'face'. Kia lost the battle and started giggling, and I gave up too. Cayden looked amused, while slightly puzzled, at us clutching each other.

Bianca's tray slammed down and a little of the soup she had splashed on to the table.

"What's so funny skanks?" She hissed, gripping the edges of the tray so tightly you could see the whites (oh good god, a part of her was human coloured) of her knuckles.

"You dropped some of your makeup." Kia chuckled, pointing at the tomato soup that had splashed on to the table. Cayden clamped down the corners of his mouth very suddenly at that, and now he was the one trying not to laugh.

"Oh really? Well here, maybe you should put some makeup on yourself." And then Bianca picked up the bowl of soup and threw it at Kia. It splashed all over her. She shrieked as the steam rose from it. Dorito face smirked and turned away. Everyone in the room was watching, and counsellors were hurrying over. But they weren't quick enough.

"Oi bitch!" Kia yelled and launched her way across the table, pulling Bianca's hair as hard as she could.

"Ladies!" Helena yelled.

And then the fight began. Shrieking and screaming, Bianca went for Kia, but Kia got in a good punch before Bianca scratched her, with her fake nails. They fell, gripping each other, in to the table and rolled on the floor, a counsellor pulling at whichever girl rolled to the top to try and break up the fight. Other campers rushed forward to watch, Cayden and I included. One of the counsellors was kicked backwards by Kia's boot, and fell in to me. I collided with someone, and felt their hands steady me.

"You alright?" The voice asked. I turned my head round. It was the blonde guy from the boat.

"Yeah, thanks." I grinned, and then turned back to watch as the girls were yanked apart.

The End

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