Bianca: Cabin 8Mature

It was fun to have some ‘fun’ with the Cayden guy; he was very easily pleased if you get my drift! I walked off the boat and grabbed my pink suitcase off the little boat which was bobbing gently up and down in the water. My suitcase didn’t look as though it had been rifled though which was good as they would have found things they shouldn’t inside, although it didn’t put my mind fully at ease. I put my mobile phone on silent and shoved it quickly down my bra so that it couldn’t be taken from me then followed the crowd of people as they made their way to the dining cabin, following the strict lady who had come to meet us all from the boat.

I slipped into a seat in the corner of the room and pulled a pack of chewing gum out of my pocket, I put a couple into my mouth, sufficient enough so that I could blow bubbles with it if I wanted to and half listened to the camp supervisor Eleanor or something like that, go on and on about making this a ‘summer to remember’ and how there were strict rules that needed to be abided by otherwise we would know why this was a camp for delinquents. Well rules were made to be broken!

A squat quite plump lady with large round glasses and a very solemn expression on her face came waddling over to the table I was sitting at, holding a clipboard in one hand and a pen in the other.

“Are you chewing?” she asked sharply.

“So what if I am!”

“Bin now!” she said sternly, her eyes almost popping out of their sockets as she glowered at me and pointed at the bin in the corner of the room. I pulled myself out of the chair and walked grumpily towards the bin and spat my chewing gum out. I kicked the bin which caused it to fall over and a metallic bang of the bin hitting the floor reverberated around the room but in the din of scraping chairs and chatter no-one seemed to take much notice.

I walked back towards the stern lady, hoping against hope that I wasn’t in the same cabin as her.


“Bianca Lewis” I said moodily scowling at her as she looked over her rounded glasses and down the list clipped on her clipboard.

“Ah yes, the no-show for several years now if I recall correctly, you are in cabin 8 with me and my name is Nadine” she said rather smugly.

“Fanfuckingtastic” I muttered.

“What did you say?” she asked sharply.

“Fantastic” I said in a falsely sweet voice which deceived no-one.

“Right well I will be taking you and a few others to Cabin 8 shortly, if you would wait here and have your phone ready to hand in when we reach the cabin.

“Fat Chance” I muttered as Nadine waddled away.

The End

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