Cayden: Izikael and HemingwayMature

That Bianca girl - ugh, so blatantly style over substance. All that make up ain't fooling anyone. Then there's the screaming. Speaking in very general terms, I don't appreciate it when girls yell things into my ears, except when it's my name. So I wasn't terribly fond of this orange girl shouting "Who's the queen? Who's the queen?", especially when her voice started to ripple and warble as it all came to an end. Definitely not the best.

Still, if she's as game as she appeared, then there's no harm in having another go, should the mood take me.

As we entered, I tried to look for that guy - what the hell was his name? Shit. I puzzled it out in my head for a moment but couldn't remember. Ah well - I'm sure I'll bump into him soon enough and we can have a nice catch up. It struck me that we might even end up in the same cabin. Maybe. "Do I really care?" I muttered under my breath. Bianca looked at me so I shook my head. "Doesn't matter."

I spotted my music girl getting friendly with some other girl and my head flooded with ideas. No, I told myself. Bad boy. She seemed cute enough but I couldn't separate my interest in her from my interest in her music. Maybe her playing the guitar naked would sort out my little predicament...

I found myself drowning in a glorious daydream. But for the sake of the modesty of anyone else featured, I will refrain from mentioning any of the details.  Unfortunately, before it got anywhere interesting, I was shunted back into the real world and found myself moving towards a cabin with a small group of other guys. This didn't look as fun.

One bloke seemed to take charge. He was called Archie and he seemed a little older and had broader shoulders, like a rugby player. He explained how we wouldn't be staying up late, drinking or having girls over. Punishments would be humiliating and long winded. I sighed. This wasn't going to be fun.

I found a bed and started to sort everything out when I felt a guy looming behind me. "What do you want?" I asked, turning sharply. He was slightly hunched with a long nose and cruelly inquisitive eyes. His smile didn't look right - it looked like it belonged to the Childcatcher. Shit, was this guy next to me?

"Good day," he said in a slimy voice. "I'm your neighbour."

"I can guess what your problem is." I muttered under my breath. "Hey" I said, offering my hand. "I'm Cayden." Why was I doing this? He didn't need to know my name. He looked at my hand as if he couldn't figure out what it was before grasping it weakly and shaking. Oh, this wasn't going to be any fun.

"My name is Izikael. Is it your first time here?" I nodded. "Me too! But I have been to other places like this before." His voice trailed off. I studied him suspiciously, wondering what I'd have to do to get rid of him. "Ah well. I suppose I'll see you around."

He walked away promptly and left me to finish sorting myself out. There was sufficient space for all of my belongings. Finished, I pulled my iPhone from my pocket and plugged my headphones in. I smiled to myself - I could hear myself singing and playing the guitar. I had managed to download my band's latest single and had it was already the most played song on there after four days of being available to the world. Loads of other people were listening to it as well Rob, our tech guy, has assured us. I knew that it would only be a matter of time before "Smooth Sailing" by Time for Tomorrow would be topping the charts.

Suddenly, the music was ripped from my ears. Some guy had taken it upon himself to grab my iPhone and take it for his own enjoyment. "I know the music is good but mate, that's mine." The boy was short with short blond hair and a frail stature. But there was definitely some inner confidence coming from him, enough to take my music away. "Give it."

"Rules are rules. No phones." He smirked. "This is a phone." He turned to leave.

"It also plays music. I was listening to music. Understand?" He turned and shook his head at me. He marched straight up to Archie and handed my iPhone over. I could still hear "Smooth Sailing" for a minute before he turned it off. Bastard.

I got up off the bed and turned to Izikael. He was staring at me and I instantly felt unnerved. "Social problems?" I asked in a calm and friendly tone.

"Issues with authority?" He asked in a similar tone. Neither of us answered but we knew what the other would say. Trust me to have some unspoken connection with this kid. His smile softened and in that second I made a decision that I knew I would regret.

"Maybe I can help you, if you help me." He looked at me again and I felt his eyes wandering all over my body. I took a deep breath. He nodded and patted the side of his bed as some form of encouragement. I shook my head and he understood. "First I want information. Who's that guy?" I pointed to the rat who had stolen my music.

Izikael laughed. His laugh was less bizarre than his smile but it was a close competition. "That's Hemingway. He doesn't use his first name, at least not in public. He suffers from what you might call being a dick." He chuckled as I nodded in agreement. "Shame he's your neighbour too - wouldn't want him around me. I'd keep an eye out for him."

"Bit late now." He chuckled again. He wasn't laughing at me was he? No. Couldn't be. "You help me get around the odd rule and make sure that Hemingway doesn't find out." He asked me what he'd receive in return. What could I offer this guy? Wasn't being his 'friend' good enough? That would help him so much since I was already popular around camp, I could tell.

Then a horrendous idea popped into my head - an idea that would condemn me. "How about I try to get you laid?" He looked at me in confusion. "Sex."

His eyes widened in excitement. "You could do that?" I nodded, unsure of whether that was true. "Ace!"

Oh crap. What had I got myself in for? I laughed because I knew that the only alternative would be to scream and cry. This wasn't going to be any fun.  

"Alright everyone. Out we go for our introductory activities." Archie yelled as he ushered us out. I swore loudly and then had to explain to Izikael what the word meant. I swore again, inwardly this time.

The End

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