Zac - IntroductionsMature

Two boats were travelling to the island, I was on the first and it was dangerously crowded. The waves made the boat bob up and down and a couple of people looked slightly sea sick, I felt at home. Closing my eyes and breathing through my nose – once you got past the smell of fish – the salty sea smell filled my nostrils and you could almost imagine you were in Indonesia. Almost anyway. I was sat next to a girl with short blonde hair, her eyes were green and she looked relatively friendly.

It is me or does this boat reek of fish?” she asked suddenly,

It is a fishing boat,” I reminded her, “but I've smelt worse smells.”

“Do you reckon anyone will notice if I jump overboard and swim to shore?” she questionned,

Yeah, I think they'll see,” I grinned, “but I could try and create a diversion?” I offered. She smiled and looked back down into the green water,

I can always dream, right?”

I'm Zac,”

I'm Rosie, you're super tanned – where are you from?”

I grew up in Indonesia, my parents own a chain of hotels on most of the islands,”

That is...I am so jealous!” she grinned, looking like an excited puppy, “So, I'm just stabbing in the dark here, you surf?”

Guilty as charged,” I held up my hands, she began to giggle helplessly. It was a high pitched sound that hurt my ear a little, some people's heads turned, including the bald girl's. “Shut up you little freak!” she called across the boat, Rosie stopped laughing and narrowed her eyes. Her eyebrows sunk and her lips tensed,

What did you say?!” she yelled back,

I said shut the...” before the baldy had finished her sentence Rosie was out of her seat and had launched herself at her.

Say that one more time!” she threatened holding the bald girl's arms. The man with the clipboard and another man rushed forward and prised Rosie off, they took her into the driver's cabin. I sat back in dismay and shook my head, she had gone from hysterical laughter to crazy woman in less than two seconds.

That's Rosie, she's bipolar,” said a guy with short blonde hair and green eyes, “she's my twin.”

That explains a few things...” I muttered,

I'm Adam,”

Zac,” I replied, my mind was still focused on Rosie's sudden outburst, I'd never been exposed to people like this and it was starting to freak me out. What if one of them stabbed me during my sleep?


We climbed out the boat, grabbed our luggage from a smaller boat which had somehow beaten us to the island and I followed the group into the dining cabin. Taking a seat I noticed Cayden with some girl, he'd already ditched me for some fun and despite the fact we'd spent less than four minutes talking I felt betrayed. I noticed Rosie in the corner of my eye, she took out some pills and swallowed them before taking a seat at the side.

I was put in cabin 7 with a cabin leader called Will Something. I followed a group of ten boys out the doors and back into the forested area where wooden cabins were scattered around. I noticed Adam was in the group but I couldn't see Cayden anywhere. After a short three minute walk we pulled up to the cabin with a number 7 on the door, Will – a tall, muscular, shaven headed man – turned to us and smiled.

The name's Will, this summer I'm going to help you guys fulfil your potential and hopefully we'll have fun along the way! I'm pretty easygoing but I have a couple of rules, no talking after midnight, no smoking and no girls in the cabin. Before I let you in, I am going to search your luggage for anything illegal or any cigarettes, please also hand me your mobiles which you'll be allowed at allocated times throughout your stay.”

We stood around for at least ten minutes as Will searched us, a few guys had tried to smuggle in vodka and one guy had brought some pills which looked rather suspicious. On my turn Will checked my pockets and opened my case, he rustled through my collection of board shorts and T-shirts before letting me in. As I entered the cabin I noticed a couple had already bagged beds, I found one in the corner near the window which looked out over a picturesque cove. After throwing my clothes into a few drawers and pushing my flip-flops and climbing shoes under the bed I turned to see some guy staring at me, he had thick glasses and tufty hair which flopped onto his face. He seemed memorised by my watch, without saying anything he reached out and brought it closer to his face. I jerked my hand away and he glared at me,

No!” he cried, this guy was seriously weirding me out. Will came over and steered the guy away,

That's Fred, he's got severe autism which can often drive him to do things which we normally perceive as socially unacceptable, please humour him. He's really into clocks and trains.” He whispered quietly before turning round and blowing his whistle.

Right troops, you have 10 minutes to unpack and then we're going to do an introductory exercise outside!”

The End

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