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By this time, everyone was on the boat. I stretched back, feet up on a metal cage I guessed was for crabs, and drowned everything out with the music. This was freakin' ridiculous. Could we just set off now? The sooner we went, the sooner we'd get camp done with and the sooner I'd be back under the sun, biking with Dan, Abi and Serek.

"Alright, we're about to set off. May I please remind you to stay seated during our journey and keep your hands, head and feet inside the boat at all times. All parts of your anatomy for that matter." The man said, glaring at some of the boys. Clearly he had dealt with smart arses before. "We will be arriving at Camp Rebel in just under half an hour, so please feel free to chat amongst yourselves and make some friends. We hope you enjoy your stay." I rolled my eyes. Considering most of us had probably been forced in to coming here, I doubted 'fun' was the first thing on our minds. More like, rebellion. But then again, why not make the most of it? If there was anything good to do on the island, I'd find it.

I took this oppertunity to look around at the group of thirty or fourty odd people on the boat. It was cramped. The guy who'd been looking at me earlier was now fascinated with the girl I knew I'd dislike. I didn't blame him; he was a guy, and she had huge tits which were slowly getting more and more revealed, on purpose if I wasn't mistaken. Well, if that's what you like... I focussed instead on the other guy who'd caught my eye. He was typing away on his phone. Then he put it away and looked round, catching my eye. He smiled and I smiled back, nodding my head a little. We were too far away to talk, unless we shouted, so it seemed that the conversation would have to wait. But he reminded me a little of Serek, so I figured it would be worth talking to him.

The girl to my right tapped my arm and I pulled the headphones from my ears and turned to her.

"Kia." She said putting her hand up in a small wave.

"Blake." She was a red head, naturally, and had a stud in her nose like mine. She had earphones in her hand, and I pointed at them. "What're you listening too?"

"Pot Kettle Black by Tilly and the Wall. You?

"Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill. Love Pot Kettle Black."

"Thanks. I love Rebel Girl."


"So what're you here for? If you don't mind me asking."

"One too many complaints. They got back to my parents. Oh and I had a party. My mate smashed a priceless vase. What about you?"

"Huh. Everything. I set the school on fire with a cigarette, got suspended for that, and for breaking this girl's nose when she told me I was fat."

"You've got nothing on you."

"I know. So she deserved it I say. You smoke?"

"Nah. Never."

"Good thing going where we're going. They take the packs off you. I've hidden mine but I bet you they find some."

"You make it sound like a prison."

"Without the walls. Nah it's not that bad. It's actually pretty fun."

"You've been before."

"Nope but my mate has. Says there's like a million rules, but apart from that it's pretty decent."

"Rules are made to be broken is how I see it."

"Great minds think alike." She grinned and I returned the smile. Looks like me and Kia were going to get on well. "Have you seen the plastic?" She nodded her head and I didn't even need to look.

"Yeah. Reckon she doesn't realise Doritos aren't in the makeup isle."

Kia burst out laughing and we chuckled together for a while.

"God I hope we're in the same cabin."

"Me too."


Not long after that we reached the island, a woman with brunette hair pulled tightly back in to a ponytail marched out to meet us, wearing army pants and a white strap top, with army boots. What the hell? Is this an army camp?

"Alright everyone, out of the boat. You can collect your bags from the boat over there," She pointed at the little speed boat that had been loaded with our belongings, "and then meet me in the dining cabin, there." She pointed at the large log building you could see between the pine trees that lined the edge of the small sandy area that you really couldn't call a beach. You really couldn't.

I climbed out of the boat after Kia and we went and grabbed our bags together. As we headed to the cabin, she pointed to my guitar case with her bag.

"You play?"


"Nice. Careful they don't make you play round the campfire." We chuckled and walked through the door. Round tables filled the room, and a hatch showed where we would get our food from. The army-like woman was stood at the front, arms folded. Jeez. She was actually quite young, not bad looking, but she had such a severe expression that I actually respected her already, even if I naturally felt I should hate her for being in charge.

"Let's grab a seat." I muttered and pulled my bag and case to one of the tables. We sat and watched as other people trudged in, not looking very happy. I spotted the Dorito faced girl and the player guy walking in last, looking like they'd had a bit of fun between here and the boat. As they sat down the woman whistled, not with a whistle, but it still shrieked out and made us all shut up.

"Welcome to Camp Rebel. Some of you may not want to be here. Some of you may have been all but physically dragged here. Some of you may have been dragged here. I don't care. What I want to do is give you a good summer. A summer you'll remember. If you want to change your ways, this will be fun for you. The more you combat the issues which brought you here, the more time you will have to enjoy the camp's facilities. I'm not here to imprison you, I'm here to help. If you let me, we will get along. We might even be friends. But if you cause problems, or break the rules, you'll find out why this camp is the number one destination for rebellious teenagers. Do you understand?" There was a general mutter of agreement, although most people were giving 'oh my god' glances at other people.

"God, my mate didn't mention this." Kia muttered.

"Maybe she's new." I replied.

"Good." The woman's face relaxed and she smiled. "Alright, I'm Helena, and I'm the Camp Supervisor. This is our team of camp members, who you'll meet throughout the next few days." She gestured at the group of ten people, men and women, sat on the long wooden table behind her. "We each have a cabin to look after. You will now be told which cabin you're in, and who your cabin counsellor is."

The group of counsellor's got up, clipboards in hand. They started going in and out of the tables, asking names and talling people who and where they were assigned.

"Name?" It was Helena.

"Kia Peregrym." Kia replied, looking up at the woman.

"You're with me, Cabin 1. Your name?" She asked looking at me.

"Blake McAllister."

"The same." She continued off round the table which Kia and I grinned at each other. Same cabin, awesome.

The End

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