Bianca: Fun While I CanMature

So here I was again, bright pink suitcase packed and phone in hand, ready to call the taxi that will take me to the boat that would take me to Camp Rebel. I was waiting for the déjà vu moment when my dad would come speeding into the room and tell me he didn’t want me to go but it never came. Sighing slightly more out of annoyance than anything else I dialled the number for the taxi firm and waited for them to pick up.

After attempting to ring them three times in which I was put on hold for about ten minutes before resulting in me slamming the phone down, I eventually got through and asked for a taxi. I had swiped some money out of my dad’s wallet that I would use to pay the fair. Screw dad if he thought I’d pay … not a cat in hell’s chance!

When the taxi pulled up and beeped its horn I bellowed, “Bye” from the front door and got no reply. Parents! They weren’t going to see their daughter for weeks on end and they weren’t even going to say bye. I threw my suitcase haphazardly into the boot of the taxi, earning a disapproving look from the taxi driver before climbing into the front seat and buckling myself in. I allowed myself a fleeting glance back at the house as the taxi reversed out of our drive and I was sure that I could see my mother and father both peering out from behind curtains to watch me go, my mum looked pale and my dad looked stony – either he had realised I had stolen money from his wallet before I left or the fire had pushed him too far … or both.  Either way I didn’t really care.

I pulled a packet of cigarettes out of my jacket pocket and went to put one in my mouth but the taxi driver said quite forcefully,

“No smoking in this vehicle!”

“Screw you!” I said pulling a lighter out of my pocket too and lifting the flame high enough so that the flames licked the end of my cigarette.

“Put that out.”

“Make me” I snapped.

“The only reason I am not going to kick you out of this taxi right now is that your father came and spoke to me while you were getting your things together and he paid me your fair and some extra because he knew you’d be a handful.”

“Oh did he now. That was nice of him” I said taking a long drag on my cigarette and inwardly smiling because I now was £40 richer because my father had already paid.

I flicked the end of my cigarette out the window and wound it up, “Happy now?”  I asked the driver who didn’t say anything but carried on speeding down the motorway a tad more eagerly as though desperate to get rid of me!


As the taxi pulled up a saw a crowd of people milling around, all the sorts of people I wouldn’t socialise with. I clambered quickly out of the car and opened to boot to grab my large suitcase. None of the others seemed to have suitcases but I soon found out why when a large burly man with a clipboard came ambling up to me.

“Bianca Lewis?” he asked,

“Who wants to know?”

“I do” he said, and I could tell my awkwardness was starting to agitate him somewhat.

“Yes I am The Bianca Lewis” I said.

“Luggage please” he said holding his hand out so that I could give him my suitcase.

“Fuck off, this is mine, I don’t want it all mauled and messed about. Its got valuable things in it” I argued.

“Your possessions will not be seen or touched,” he reasoned.

“I don’t care!”

“Miss Lewis, I insist you give me your luggage and make your way onto the boat” he said, “Your luggage will be returned to you upon arrival.”

“Alright then, but if anything has been touched or taken, I am calling my lawyer” I threatened, even though I didn’t have a lawyer but it was a good threat since my uncle was a lawyer.

“With what Miss Lewis… all mobile phones will be taken upon arrival, and only returned at certain times and weekends.”

“That is so unfair” I said handing the man my suitcase and muttering to myself as I made my way towards the throng of people crowding the entrance to the boat.

Once I had battled my way on board, and smoked another cigarette, I scanned the surroundings, taking in each individual from tall kids to scrawny kids. My eyes lingered on a girl with curly black hair and blue eyes and I felt my blood boil with instant hatred. She definitely one of those girls who thought she was miss popular when really she wasn’t. She wasn’t even that pretty; I mean she didn’t even have any makeup on apart from a dash of eyeliner. I scowled at her when eye contact was made, then made my way towards the edge of the boat, intending to smoke another cigarette before we arrived and I would have to hide them so they wouldn’t be confiscated but when a boy called my name all thought of having another smoke was forgotten.

“How do you know who I am?” I asked confused as I sat down next to him.

"I have this gift where I know the names of all the prettiest girls I meet before they tell me." He said and I felt my eyes roll as he said it; this guy was definitely a player and had done it before but never the less he was sort of cool.

"So, tell me a little about yourself." He said flashing me a smile, his dark blue eyes twinkling but they were not looking at my face, but at my chest.

“Hello, face is up here” I said my eyes rolling again as he looked up.

“Sorry I was captivated by your beauty”

“Captivated by my breasts you mean” I said laughing slightly, I could tell he fancied me something rotten and it was quite fun to tease him by subtly pulling down my top and exposing more of my flesh. I could see even though his trousers that he was hard.

“Shall we go somewhere a little quieter so we could talk some more?” I suggested knowing that ‘talking’ would not be at the forefront of his mind. However that didn’t matter, I was always up for a quick shag with any guy willing, and lets be honest  who wouldn’t want to fuck me? Who would I be to deny him the pleasure of thinking I was into him? All I was after was a bit of fun if we were going to be stuck on a stupid island for god knows how long then better have fun while I can.

The End

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