Cayden: All Aboard!Mature

I could hear my name being yelled from some guy - probably some sort of official bloke working for this camp thing - so I left Zac behind and started making my way through the crowd. He had seemed cool enough even though he wanted to be there. Strange.

I felt my phone go off in my pocket. I flipped it open and scanned the message from Duggan. He wished me luck in the midst of a lot of words he thought was 'hip'. I laughed and replied with a quick 'thanks man' and put it back into my pocket.

There appeared to be some promise in the group of people that I appeared to be stuck with. A couple of the guys seemed like good fun and the prospect of doing some water-based sport was always a good thing. And then there were the girls.

Some of them were far from my type. Too skinny, too fat, too tall, too short.

I laughed at my little joke - they'd all do fine. Part of me liked the wide selection so that there would definitely be someone to suit my mood. One girl smiled at me as I passed her, flicking her hair from her face. I chose to ignore her, to add a little mystery to my character. I heard her blush as I left.

"Cayden Pandor!" The man shouted again. I was pretty close so I held my hands in the air and waved at him. He wiped a little sweat from his brow and tapped his clipboard.

"Yes, Sir!" I grinned as I spoke. He seemed to be taken aback by me but I put that down to the sheer number of fellow deviants around me. "Not nervous I hope." I winked, just a sarcastic wink, at him. He used his pen to find my name again on the clipboard.

"Luggage." He said. He paused and looked at me. My eyes widened as we waited for the other to say something. It was left to me to break the silence.

"What about it?" He glared at me nervously. I pushed up onto my toes and had a quick look on his board. He stepped back as I smiled at him. I spoke slowly, pausing after every word. "Have you lost my luggage?"

He wiped his brow again. "I'm sure that isn't the case." I sighed. "You left a small bag, yes?" I nodded. It had taken me about twenty minutes to pack everything I'd need into a bag that was arguably smaller than most of the handbags that some of the girls had. He took a deep breath, trying to pluck up the courage to ask me: "How long do you think you're going to be staying at the camp for?"

It was clearly a trick question. "How ever long you all want me there." I winked again. Before I could smile, he was telling me that I would need a lot more than I had clearly initially thought and that I would need to arrange for someone to deliver something quickly before we left. "Trust me, mate. I've got more than enough."

With that, I grabbed his clipboard and studied the list of names. He shrieked into my ear and tried to grab it back. I let him have it but only after taking one of the sheets for myself. He'd figure it out soon enough but it gave me chance to have the upper hand on some of my camp mates. However, it didn't take me long to realise that a list of names would be useless to me as I didn't know who they belonged to. I was about to throw it to the floor when something drew my eye.

One name at the bottom of the list looked promising. Some of the other details about this girl intrigued me to the extent where I wanted to find her - she sounded like a really naughty girl. I passed others as I got onto the boat, all of whom had some form of reaction when they saw me. A few scowled and groaned, but I knew that with a bit of time I could change all of that.

Once I was on the boat, I watched everyone else, trying to figure out who was my mystery girl. I was sat opposite this slim girl with a great nose stud and found myself watching her. She had a guitar case and headphones that were playing some music that I was familiar with. I caught her eye and smiled at her but she just rolled her eyes at me and turned away. My eyes lingered on her, judging whether it would be worth trying to talk to her at camp. I decided that it would and that I would make sure she had a better impression of me by the time we left.

It was then that a shadow was cast over me. I looked up and there she was - my mystery girl. Don't ask me how I knew, I just did. "Take a seat next to me," I said over the din of everyone else. "Bianca."

She looked at me, half shocked and half absorbed in me. It was rather snug but she still sat down. "How do you know who I am?" She asked. I showed her my best smile and let my eyes wander over her mostly exposed body.

"I have this gift where I know the names of all the prettiest girls I meet before they tell me." She didn't appear to believe me but that didn't matter - the trick had had its desired effect. "So, tell me a little about yourself."

The End

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