Blake: It's A Freakin' Island!Mature

"Are you all packed?"


"Hon, if it were up to me, I'd sneak you to my house. But your parents have contacted the camp director; they want to know you've arrived, and how you're doing."

"Yeah but they couldn't even be bothered to stay here to see me off."

"I know. They had to go."

"No they didn't."

My aunt gave me and hug and then picked up my duffle bag.

"Come on then. I've got to take you to the airport."

"I can't believe this. It's a freakin' island. In ENGLAND."

"I know."

"It rains all the time there. They couldn't find me one in America?"

"I think the rain is part of your punishment."

"Aunt Nina, are you sure you can't get me out of it?"

"Absoloutely. I tried everything. They know if you come to mine you'll just have fun."

"So they want me to go to a camp? I mean yeah, it's to straighten people out, but it's camp. I saw the leaflet. There's things to do, fun things."

"See, it won't be so bad."

"Ugh." I grabbed my guitar case and followed Nina down the stairs and out of the front door to her car. "I mean it's not like I do drugs, or drink or any of that stuff. I'm actually quite a decent teenager."

"Well I know that. But you know your parents will have seen that vase break and heard the sound of money disappearing."

"They've got enough of it."

"I know." Nina turned the key and we sped out in to the road, and flew off towards the airport. My aunt Nina is who I aspire to be. She's cool, and not the typical adult trying to be cool type, she actually is. She wears big black boots basically all the time, has wild hair, and she used to be a BMX champion. Now she does roller derby and she kicks ass. She's been on their posters three years in a row. I love her.

We reached the airport and Nina gave me a hug.

"I'll miss you hun. Here, I got you some money, just in case. And this is for you." She handed me over a small box. I opened it and saw a black necklace, with a bright blue guitar pick covered in black doodles attatched. "Keep practicing kid." Oh I forgot, she also got me my first guitar. The woman is like an older sister, but without all the arguments. She's a freaking legend.

"Thanks." I hugged her again and then picked up my bag. "Well, better not miss the flight to hell."

"You'll be fine. Just try and make some friends, make a few enemies, and find somewhere you can go to get away if it gets a bit much."

"Thanks, I'll try." I gave her a kiss on the cheek and then made my way through the crowds to security. Can't believe I'm going to freakin' england. To a freakin' island. What's that all about?


I peered out of the windows of the car that had been sent to pick me up. It's a boat. A boat. I have to get on a boat with a load of people I don't know, and it's not even a ferry. That way I could put some distance between all of us.

The chauffeur was getting my bags out of the boot, so I figured I'd better move. I put my headphones on, big electric blue skull candy ones that blocked out any outside noise, and pumped up the volume. Then I got out of the car.

If my earphones hadn't been on, I would have heard the slight pounding as my shoes hit each step. Big black biker boots tend to do that. I had blue ripped up denim shorts on and a designer ripped ramones t-shirt on that had no sleeves. My leather banded bracelet was on my wrist and was already moving furiously in the wind. Fuck it's cold here. I pulled on my hoodie but didn't zip it up. Then I grabbed my bag and my guitar case and marched over to the boat.

There were a few kids, some my age, some younger, hanging around and quite obviously staring at me. I ignored them and threw my bag where all of theirs were, put down my guitar case and sat, slouching with one leg resting horizontally across the other. I slid the headphones off my ears and around my neck, then threw up the hood to cover my head against the spray that sometimes flew up. That's when I noticed the good-looking guy across from me. He had brown hair, blue eyes, muscles and he was watching me. When I caught his eye he nodded with a smile that knew it was good. Player. I raised an eyebrow and rolled my eyes, looking away. No thank you. Instead I eyed the other passengers, looking for anyone I might consider getting to know.
There was a blonde guy with a tan leaning on the side of the boat, who looked like he was at home on the water. He seemed cool, relaxed, like he didn't care. Alright, so that was a possibility. Then there was a girl with blonde hair who on first inspection I turned down but then realised she was wearing an AC DC shirt. Maybe then.

That was when she walked on to the boat. I knew immediately we were going to have a problem. The girl was about my age, wearing a short skirt and a top that gave her cleavage a bit of fresh air, and her face was covered in makeup. I hate that. I only wear make up when I'm going out, and even then, not much. Right now, the only make up I had on was a bit of eyeliner. Not even foundation or cover up. I had fabulously flawless skin. this girl looked a little like she'd mixed Doritos powder in with her foundation. But then she was a little tanned naturally. Her black hair was pulled back and hung in a ponytail. Everything about her screamed plastic, queen bee. Yeah I've seen Mean Girls. Shit film. But I digress. I'm used to being the one with the power, without having to flaunt it like her. I'm just naturally in control. So me and you are gonna have a problem love. Oh yes we are.

The End

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