Bianca Lewis: FireMature

I took another long drag on the cigarette and then blew the smoke out of my bedroom window. I knew I shouldn’t be smoking in the house at all and my mum and dad had told me off several times for it but to be fair I never took a blind bit of notice of that those old cronies had to say. Parents eh, who’d have ‘em.

It was another very warm evening, there was not even a breeze so flicking the ash off the end of my cigarette was just dropping straight down and wasn’t even caught by the wind.

Holding the lit cigarette in my mouth I turned up the music I was playing on my computer to full blast, and began flicking my hair back and forth in time with the music. I was so engrossed I didn’t hear my door open my dad enter, red faced and looking angrier than ever.

“Bianca!” he bellowed over the music and making me jump half a mile, the lit cigarette in my mouth dropping out of my mouth and onto the bed which set a light.

“Fuck!” I shouted, “Now look you made me do!” I yelled at my dad while trying to put out the fire with the nearest object I could find which was my college folder. This tactic only made the folder set alight, burning all my college notes.  While I was batting the flames which was slowly burning my bed, my dad had gone and filled up a bucket of water which he then chucked on the flames, extinguishing them instantly.

“How dare you!” my dad said breathing heavily though his anger, “You could have burnt the whole house down!”

“Well I wouldn’t have dropped the damn thing if you hadn’t made me jump!”

“You shouldn’t have been smoking inside anyway.”


“Its my damn house and I can smoke in it if I want too, but when you live here, you obey my rules.”

“You’re rules stink” I said childishly folding my arms.

“Well you know what you can do, but if you do go,” he leaned in closer, “don’t bother coming back!”

“Where would I go?”

“See whether any of your friends will put up with you and your attitude. Quite frankly I cant deal with your attitude, in fact I don’t have to.”


“I’m sending you to summer camp Bianca, to see whether that will straighten you out.”

I rolled my eyes. My dad had threatened to send me to summer camp for the last three years and yet never has. He will let it get as far as me having all my stuff packed and me being ready to leave and just about to ring the taxi and he will tell me that he doesn’t want me to go … why would this year be any different!

The End

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