Cayden Pandor: Service with a SmileMature

Duggan was telling another of his silly jokes. I was sitting opposite him, wondering how much longer it was going to last. But my sister was enjoying herself, chuckling all at the right moments. Tasha looked at me and encouraged me to smile. I put on a fake smile that Duggan believed. He told the punch line with adequate pizzazz. "But it wasn't a table, it was a cat!" It didn't make sense to me but the two of them fell about themselves laughing. Maybe I should have followed it better.

Duggan excused himself. Tasha turned to me and scowled. "Be nice, Cayden. It won't hurt." I smiled and pulled her into a short hug. We both knew what that meant - we had all sorts of little gestures that made our bond closer. "Thank you." She whispered. He returned and sat down. His eyes barely left my sister but that was fine by me - I was barely looking at them.

I was only there, sitting and eating with them because Tasha was my only real family, despite the fact that she wasn't even blood related. It was a long and complicated story that wasn't pleasant at the best of times. Not having my parents around and an aunt who didn't care at all, Tasha had looked after me as I had grown up. And now she was leaving me for the other guy, this Duggan. They were getting married in a couple of months and she had decided that I should get to know him better. As long as he made her happy, I didn't care what he was like.

I was more interested in the girl serving us. She must have been a couple of years older than me but looked young enough to get away with acting younger. Her legs were barely covered by her regulation skirt with her chest wonderfully shown off by the tight blouse. I flashed her my trademark smile and she returned one, crossing the restaurant to come and see me. She thought I wanted something and I sure did.

"How can I help you, sir?" She asked, lingering on the last word. Her eyes were soaking me up, her lips twitching gently. I ordered another drink for me since the others didn't want one. She walked away, her backside swaying gently. I smiled and watched her dance around the restaurant. She looked majestic with a body to die for. Perfect.

When I turned back to the table, Tasha was looking at me. I took a sip of my drink and gazed back at her. She shook her head slowly once, twice, three times. She knew what I had in mind and didn't approve. I broke our eye contact and returned to my drink. Sometimes she was worse than a parent.

But, I have never had to listen to her, only respect her opinions. "We're off now. You can settle things up, can't you?" I nodded in response and watched my sister-in-spirit and future-brother-in-law leave hand in hand. As long as he made her happy.

The waitress was hovering behind me. I turned my head slowly to make the most of the view. "All on your own now, sir?" Again, she lingered on the last word. I smiled politely.

"Not while you're here." She blushed, avoiding my eye. "Would it be alright to pay now?" She looked a little disappointed. "Is everything alright, dear?" She raised her head and I saw into her eyes. They shimmered with a soft hazelnut hue. I reached out and grasped her hand. "Would you like to sit down, dear?"

She turned away and left. I swivelled in my seat and finished my drink. Anyone with less experience might have feared that she was gone, not to come back but I knew better. I felt a hand on my shoulder. She lowered the bill onto the table, muttering the words "Half an hour, car park" into my ear as she did so. She left quickly before anyone else saw.

I unfolded the bill and checked it over. There was a smiley face, heart and group of kisses near the bottom. I could feel her eyes watching me so I smiled more broadly than I would have done normally. I pulled a few notes from my wallet and left them on the table. I waved at her, gesturing to the money and smiled. She trotted over and started to clear everything away. "See you soon." I whispered. She ignored my reaching for her hand again and I left.

I sat in my car, twiddling my thumbs. I had a couple of texts on my phone that I needed to deal with - a couple of friends who wanted to brag about something or other. I sent them short replies that explained my interest in their escapades before turning it off - I didn't want any further distractions.

The half an hour passes in the blink of an eye. I climbed out of the car and waited to see her. She stepped out of the restaurant delicately before spotting me and rushing over. There was a faint smile on her face. When she had reached me, I kissed her softly on the cheek and opened the car door for her. I was soon in the driving seat.

"I hope you don't think that I'm the kind of girl who you can just have your way with," She said straight away. There was a slight pause, barely noticeable before she continued. "In the back of some car." She giggled to herself softly as I pulled out onto the road. "So, where are we going...?"

We were at a set of lights so I stopped and melted her with my grin. "Cayden." I said slowly. "My place alright?" She nodded, a little more eager than she would have been willing to admit. It was only a journey of about five minutes luckily. She fidgeted in her seat, her small handbag by her side.

She exhaled. "You know, I don't normally do this kind of thing." I laughed inwardly. They always say that. As she spoke, I subtly mouthed along with her, knowing exactly what she would say. "Normally I'd date a guy first but after the month I've had." We both stopped. "You were so nice to me tonight. So caring.  So... hot." She chuckled again as I pulled into the driveway. I nodded to her and she got out.

"Can I interest you in a drink?" I asked as I opened the front door. She nodded along with what I said. When we were inside, her bag dropped to the floor and the drinks were forgotten. My bed was upstairs but we didn't feel like waiting.

She was cute and betrayed her dirty side as we rolled around on the floor. In the restaurant, she hadn't struck me as being some sexual goddess but once her clothes were gone, she came into her own. The glorious thing about my house is the acoustics.

Her moans echoed all around us.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I woke the following morning with her legs still wrapped around me. She was asleep and for a moment, I considered waking her up for a bit of morning fun before taking a shower (possibly with her as well). I kissed her neck softly, watching my lips course down her sweaty body. But before she was awake, I heard a noise from downstairs.

I untangle myself and wandered down. It was the postman and he was early. I watched him struggle with a package for a moment before opening the door and taking it from him. He looked at my naked form for longer than I deemed appropriate so I shut the door. There was nothing interesting in the mail beyond a letter from Tasha. That seemed odd to me since she would always call if she needed to talk. I opened it and read the letter:

'Cayden, don't hate me. It won't be long until me and Duggan are married. We can't look after you. You need to learn some independence. The driver will be along in a few days to pick you up then I'm having the locks changed and don't plan on giving you the keys just yet. All will become clear when it's too late for you to refuse.



P.S. Please don't hate me.'

The girl from upstairs groaned as she hurried down the stairs, most of her clothes on. She was mumbling something about being late so she rushed off, running down the drive without even putting her shoes on. I yelled that I would call her but then I realised I didn't know how to contact her.

I didn't even know her name.

I shut the door with a slam.

The End

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