Blake McAllister: PartyMature

A Summer Camp for rebels. Get there, or get lost.

The music blasted through the speakers, drowning out the knocking of the neighbours as they shouted their complaints. I tell my friends that my parents are away again and they have a party. Literally.

There was a smash from the kitchen, and then Callie rushed in.

"Nothing happened. I promise." I rolled my eyes at her and stood up from the steps of the stairs where I had been watching the mayhem insue.

"Sure." I muttered and went in to the kitchen to see what damage had been caused. It was just a glass, but I cleaned it up, then returned to my step.

Sure, parties were great, but I was bored, and I had been planning to spend the evening writing songs. Callie's interference was, well an interference. But, might as well try to enjoy it.

"Hey Blake. Enjoying yourself?" Daniel, my BMX biker friend seated himself next to me.

"I guess."

"Well the guys have set up a course in your yard. Want to do some tricks?"

"You know it!"

I raced him outside. I'd always been a bit of a tomboy, a bit of a rough girl. I'd been in a few fights, got in trouble more times than I care to remember, and boy, do the police know where I live! BMX biking is something that hanging out with Daniel had taught me. It was exhilarating, exciting, and dangerous. Just what I loved.  And while I had plenty of friends from school and the city, Daniel, Abi and Serek where my best friends. We hung out doing tricks at the park and in the pools of houses whilst they were being built, having the best time ever and at the end of it, there might be a police chase involved.

It's not legal to do some of the stuff we've done.Who knew?

In the backyard there are now several ramps, curtesy of my aunt for my last birthday (the only member of my family I actually see/ get along with on a regular basis). The guys have set them up and already people are racing up and down on skateboards and bikes. I grabbed mine from the side of the house and headed to where Abi and Serek were.


"Hey Blake. Come to show us up?"

"You bet." I grinned and took my chance. I sped out on to the ramp, and picked up speed by doing a few circles up and down, up and down. And then I flipped off the top of one of the ramps, twisted in the air, and set off back down to perform the same trick on the other side. There were whoops from people watching as I flew through the air, exstatic with the feeling of freedom.

I threw myself up in the air, letting my feet come off the peddles and twisting the bike three times underneath me before I landed, feet on the peddles again.

There were cheers as I skidded to a stop, but they died down all too suddenly. I looked up to see my parents standing a few feet from me, anger and disappointment on their faces.

People started legging it, making their way out of the gate and some even climbing the fence. I almost ran but my dad's voice stopped me.

"This is the last straw Blake. We're sending you to summer camp. This behaviour has got to stop."

Turns out they walked in just as someone was jumping off the balcony in to a pile of mattress', knocking an expensive vase over in the process. There were some other things but I fazed out during the rant, ignoring it until they let me go, and I marched upstairs and threw myself on my bed. Summer Camp? That's my punishment?


"You're sending me where?"

"Camp Rebel. It's a place where people are sent when their behaviour has become too wild and unruly. We expect you to come back a changed girl."

"Dad, I'm freaking nineteen."

"So move out. Because under my roof, you obey my rules."

The End

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