Minerva (Minnie): Oh. My. Gosh.

"Althena, I need you." Zeus says, as an injured fury crawls in. My eyes widen, oh my gosh! "Minerv-"

"Minnie." I state plainly.

He gives me a cold look. "Minnie, has to go. She doesn't belong anymore." Mother holds her breath, her eyes shotting furious daggers. Zeus takes a u-turn, "It's too dangerous for her here. She has to go."

"Bu-" Althena tries to argue. Zeus won't have any of it, "Minnie, go, now."

I feel my mouth open slightly, Zeus waves his hand and a fury comes behind me, picks me up and flings me out. I scream as I land on something, hard. My eyes feel heavy on my face, as I plung into unconciousness.

The End

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