Cyrus: How Will We Get There?

As I walked down the alleyway, I could see their faces were worried. I realised I had an annoyed expression on my face and turned it into a smile.

"Thanks Zarion, that thing you did was awesome," Eva sighed in relief, "I've been watching you for some time," I felt my face go hot as I said that whilst looking at Eva, "I was worried something might happen to you, or you'd give yourself away, I was so wrapped up in you three, I forgot about us."

"Don't they know you're here?" Eva wondered.

"No, they never know when I've left, I make sure of it, I just slip in and out occasionally, anyway, I only came here to tell you to be more careful, Lisa has already got her eye on you though the others are clueless, and to say thankyou once more," I gave them one last beaming smile and turned to leave.

"Cyrus," Eva called, I turned around to look at her, "erm, thanks for not giving us away, and..." she seemed to struggle for something to say, "...good luck," I nodded back, slightly disappointed for some reason.

"No problem."

I returned to the group, they had been arguing about what they were going to do. I slipped back into the fray and spoke up, "we could always try the Grey Sisters, that's what Percy did, and I have drachmas," I suggested. They looked at me blankly, "I'll show you," I said.

I went to the side of the road. I could hear sirens in the distance.

"Hurry," Lisa moaned. Once there I told them to step back and flipped a coin into the tarmac. But instead of landing on the roadside, it sank right through and a fountain of tarmac appeared. From this a taxi that looked mysteriously like fog appeared. With my dyslexia I could barely read the words on the side but I knew it said Grey Sisters Taxi.

I goaded them in, their faces reluctant, and once inside, stared at the three old hags.

"Where 'u wanna 'o?" one asked.

"To the underworld please," I replied.

"Ooooh, don't want to be going there dearies, but if you insist, we'll do it, we'll need extra fair though, dangerous place it is," she turned around with one slimy tooth in her mouth and two sunken eyes. The others gagged.

"Of course," I muttered, "hold onto your stomachs and grab hold of something," I warned the group, as the driver punched the accelerator and we flew forwards.

The End

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