Eva: found out.

I'd never seen a Fury before. I stared mesmerised. I knew that even though it had destroyed the bus and was trying to kill them, there was something strangely beautiful about this hag. Just because...she was mythological, an extraordinary creature. But at the end of the day she was trying to kill Ray and Cyrus, and so I felt a mixture of disgust and relief to see her impaled on Ray's dagger. But...I looked to Zarion and before I had a chance to open my mouth he grabbed my arm and dragged me down the street. I realised it was to hide from the others and suddenly the mission came back into focus. 'You did that, didn't you?'

Zarion shrugged, as if just affecting the Fury's flight happened every day. I couldn't help smiling at his carefree attitude toward his power. I had to rein mine in continuously or else I would gain exactly the wrong attention. Speaking of which..I wondered whether the son of Ares was alright. However, Zarion was talking tactics at the moment-he was a demi-god, he's survive. Just then Zarion's tone changed a little and I looked up. 'Looks like we don't need to worry about any of that' he muttered.

Cyrus was coming down the street after us, and being in the alleyway we had no way of concealing ourselves. I quickly checked him and was relieved to see no wounds. On the other hand, we weren't meant to reveal ourselves unless completely necessary. I looked down, hoping we hadn't failed. Hoping that somehow Cyrus had already known.

The End

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