Zarion: Holy flying hag!

As I contiued to react to the Ares kid's remarkable idiocy. I didn't notice the Camp half blood bus explode , When I did the car we where in was pretty beaten up. The Ares kid was knocked out. That was lucky.  Eva seemed fine. good. I look up and saw fury the original group seemed to be handling the enemy.

" Holy flying hag." I muttered.

I looked at Eva.

" They don't need our assistance. After the fight if anyones hurt you can go reveal yourself. I will stay back." I said dragging the Ares kid off and hid him out of view. 

The Fury still seemed to overpowering Rays , and Cryus's tactics. The will to fight took over. I couldn't help myself. I willed a small breeze to force the winged hag down. Ray took the oppertunity to stab her. Eva saw and looked surprised that the monster looked like it had willingly impaled itself. 

I grabbed her and ran down a street to hide from them.

" You did that. Didn't you?"

" Yeah I hope they don't figure that one out. What should we do? Our car is trashed , and so is their bus , and keeping behind people on foot isn't exactly easy I believe."

Then I saw Cyrus walk down the alleyway he saw us obviously. 

" Looks like we don't need to worry about any of that." I muttered.


The End

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