Cyrus: Fury

I had resisted it long enough.

I sunk to the back of the bus and stared into the mirror.

A series of images flashed by, I saw Serenity first with her long black hair and sanguine eyes. I saw Simon with his beaming smile. I saw Lisa smiling at me, we were talking, then I saw Eva and blushed.

I focused on her and saw her following us. Cursing myself for falling for her Aphrodite charms I stuffed the mirror in a bag and sighed. I'd had enough of arguing with the Eris child, after what happened before I was surprised I hadn't killed her, I didn't trust those children, I'd been betrayed by one before.

Whilst I was wallowing I sensed movement nearby.

Something that resembled a snarky woman on a paraglider glided right towards us, I tried to see through the mist.

It was a fury.

She came crashing down onto the bus which toppled over, crushing the sides. Everybody lay moaning on the floor.

Clambering out of the window I stared at her in anger.

"Zeus says hello?" she cackled and swept down at me.

I rolled aside and focused on the visor. I drew from the fire, that's why I loved it, I couldn't create fire, I manipulated it, but the visor changed that.

In my hands came a large fireball, I threw it at her, scorching a wing as she dove to dodge it. Slowly I saw Ray come from the wreckage looking dazed.

He saw the Fury and went to action, brandishing a blade whilst charging at her, I joined him as the fury whipped up a whirlwind with her wings. Catching us of guard she swept down at me, her claw ripping at my shoulder. I cried out in pain as Lisa emerged.

"Lisa, I need you, come here!" I called. She looked confused but came over anyway, "I need you to heel me," I told her.

"What, how?"

"Just put your hand over the cut and focus your energy.

Ray was fending her off as Lisa did as I said.

My shoulder felt warm as the skin nitted itself up. Lisa looked shocked and a little faint at the same time.

"Thanks," I muttered as I joined the fray, ready to fight.

The End

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