Eva: breezy.

'Did you see where they went?' Zarion turned, catching his breath a little having beaten the son of Ares. I frowned at son of Ares as he momentarily abandoned his cocky attitude to bend over his minor injury, muttering curses under his breath. I could not stand swearing, and pretended I hadn't heard Zarion's abuse a minute ago. I had to admit I too had lost track of the others: I had drawn in a little by the fight, willing them in my head to stop but not actually stepping in. I was like a spectator at a gladitorial event, except I was safe in the knowledge that neither possessed the brutality or mindset to kill the other. Yet.

I cupped my hand over my forehead as I stared into the horizon, where a bus could be seen trundling along an unknown road. 'This way,' I pointed, and then sighed as they disappeared from view. 'We really should have kept an eye on them.'

'Well he shouldn't have been so much of a d**che,' the son of Ares scoffed, and I glared at him. Zarion however was somewhere else; he had a mischevious glint in his eye.

'I suppose it could work...' he smiled at my confused expression.

'I can't read minds, Zarion.' Not that I know of.

'Well, I don't think running about would work, but I could affect the wind's direction and focus its force on an object..' he looked to the car, and I stared back.

'Could you do it?' He shrugged. 'Worth a go.'

We bundled into the vehicle, the son of Ares a little begrudgingly. Zarion closed his eyes and I slapped away the son of Ares' hand as he prepared to wave it in front of Zarion's face. Then we felt movement. It must have worked. I looked at Zarion.

'I hope that we catch up.'

'I hope I have the strength.'

'I hope there are some less frigid chicks wherever we're going.' Son of Ares gained two more glares and went off into a stream of curses once more. I sighed. I hoped this would be a short journey. I felt that somebody else knew of us following by now...I just hoped that this didn't affect the quest. After all, all of us needed to focus our minds, or succomb to a mythological fate.

The End

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